odd light leak in hasselblad

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by droogie, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. I have a 500c (non-user-interchangeable screen) with an old style 12
    back (non a-12).

    My images (printed) are intermittently showing light leaking in the
    left side of the image, most of it near the top left. Which is
    telling me that the light is entering somewhere near the right to
    bottom-right of the camera. Also notable is that the light leak only
    bleeds into the image area and never in the negative borders.

    Everything i've read in posts suggest that if the light is leaking
    only in the negative "image" area then it might not be the film back,
    because if it were the film back, the light would have to hit the
    edges of the film.

    What i'm thinking is maybe the coupling between the back and the
    camera body, or some leak in the body. So far i've done all the
    tricks with a dark room and a flashlight and my camera body and I see
    no light leaking when the back shutters are closed and the mirror is

    I cannot however rule out the possibility of it being the coupling
    beween the back and body since that would lend light leaks on
    the "image" area.

    does anyone have any good suggestions and or generalizations about
    where to start looking when an image looks like X?

    such as light showing in negative border and image on right side of
    image = dark slide light leak

    light showing on image as horizontal line none on negative border =
    bad body shutter...

    anyway... any suggestions or experiences would be great, thank you.

    -Jim Paulick
  2. Light normally comes in through the dark slide slot. So the light will normally be in the image area and not on the film edge. If it is happening a lot you can test buy putting high speed film in the camera, leave it in bright light with the slide out for a few frames then tape the dark slide slot and shoot the rest of the roll.If you have the streaks on the first part of the roll and not on the last it is leaking at the dark slide seal.
  3. Sounds like a classic case of needing a new light trap in your 12 magazine. Order a light trap (part no. 13067, $5.50) and foil (part no. 13508, $2.84) from Hasselblad (973-227-7681). Use a small screwdriver to remove the back plate from the 12 magazine and replace the light trap--no more light leak. Takes about 10 minutes if you've never done it before. Email me if you want me to talk you through the procedure.
  4. Thank you for the very quick answers.

    I must ask, do you think that it is definitely the dark slide leak...? even though my light leak is happening on the opposite side of the dark slide, and it's only on the image area..
  5. Jim-

    It's definitely a seal problem. It is almost useless to try to outhink a lightleak. I'd just
    replace the seals and everything will be well with the world. Looking at the back is
    always useful for a 100% diagnosis but playing the odds is OK in this case. 99 out of
    100!! It's a staggeringly common problem with a staggeringly simple cure. Looking
    elsewhere, while fun and interesting, is a waste of time, IMHO. Exprience tells me that
    film can be fogged ANYWHERE on the frame with a bad seal.

    Peter - PR Camera Repair - Flagstaff, AZ
  6. Jim-

    Here is a simple but useful diagram to see a slot leak, as I'm sure you are
    experiencing. Let us know what you see!! The drawing CAN'T show it but the
    darkslide is to hide the light source from your eyes. Think contrast!

    Peter - PR Camera Repair - Flagstaff, AZ


    Be sure to go to the pictures folder...
  7. Peter et al,

    I hate to keep beating a dead horse here. BTW I checked out the slot light leak thing you posted, and I did in fact see that there is a light coming through the bottom of the slot.... however..
    the fogging is occuring on the opposite side of the film back.

    Ok, so you can see the light leak on an actual photo... it's really not that bad on this one, but it demonstrates exactly where all of my fogging appears.... which is the opposite side of the dark slide.


    let me know what you think.

    -Jim Paulick
  8. Jim--it's definitely a bad light trap. I've seen the SAME effect in one of my
    magazines that had disintigrating, gummy foam in the light trap.
  9. Jim-

    Here's an analogy. I know... here we go again with his analogies. I'll keep it short.
    Imagine you are at a slide show. Jim raises his hand and says, "The light source is
    back here but the image is up there. How can that be? What's up with that?!" Think of
    the slot as the lens. Your film is the screen. The ambient light is the light source.
    Light comes from the ambient (bulb) through the lens (slot) and gets PROJECTED onto
    the screen (far side of film). As in the slide show, there is no image on the side walls
    of the room. It goes straight onto the screen, far away.

    I'm through now. This is the best I can do. It's pretty good too, if I may say so.

    Peter - PR Camera Repair - Flagstaff, AZ
  10. Jim

    I have been using hasselblad stuff for over 30 years and never had a leak. but it seems to me that there is a pretty good way to find out whether it is your back or your camera and that would be to just use a different back for a roll of film. if you get nothing on the different back, then its a leak in your back. if you do get something, then its probably a leak in the camera someplace.

    there should be somebody close to you that will let you run a roll of film through one of their backs.

  11. Look at http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=0059cw
    I posted this problem several times.
    I spoken 2 days ago with the tecnician of Hasselblad Italy (finally I sent to Hasselblad Italy instead of the unauthorized repairmen), He told me that the light trap of the shell are completely damaged (30 years old). I think you have the same problem because you, like me have the light leak on the opposite side of the dark slide slot.
  12. so far initial tests are showing that the light seal kit is doing it's job well. Thank you all for your answers and suggestions. I probably saved myself a ton of money.

    Thank you
  13. I had this problem for years and there was pretty much only 1 way to fix it. Once I did, it worked perfectly and there was no more leaking. I basically opened up the trashcan in my kitchen and set it inside. I then took the trash out on tuesday and the next day it was gone. I then went and purchased a new camera.
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  16. You say that your images are intermittently showing light leaking in the left side of the image, most of it near the top left...

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  18. My son also has a Hasselblad Camera. It was known during the 1950's to be very strong and durable. But many people claim that they can see odd lights on the film. I wasn't aware of this so I started asking around and reading up on the forums. Basically, I was told to revisit the movie Ghost. They say that the lights Patrick Swayze see are the same as on the film. I haven't personally verified this yet though. Any thoughts?
  19. Ok I checked on the movie and its not true. But I did discover something else: there is no action level mechanism on earlier models of the Hasselblad. I don't think you will be able to fix your light leak. The only way I know how is sort of complicated. You will need: a suitable bridge, a mountain, and approximately 500 feet of chord. Bascially, tie the camera to one end of the chord and tie the other end to the bridge. Now, let the camera go. If all goes right, it will swing down at a fast pace and strike the mountain. (the camera may instead hit a barge on the river- this is acceptable, too) Once your camera breaks, goto Walmart and buy a camera made in this century. Since the invention of photography in 1826, camera prices have really come down. You don't have to buy a hundred year old camera anymore. There are also cameras that store information elctronically. These are called "Digital Cameras", I beleive. You also don't have to ride a horse to work anymore, either. Last century human beings created automobiles. These vehicles use combustion and run on grape juice.
    I hope that all of this is helpful. Chow.
  20. i got a great camera from caldor. Their slogan was "Caldor for the holidays", and was used on all the chain's commercials for holiday specials and sales, but I bought the camera in June. I got a can of doritos
  21. I recently purchased a Hasselblad that works underwater and in the dark. It shoots out a neon beam of slim laser light that cuts through the air like a knife cuts through butter. The sun's rays are reflected off of the back of the camera and beam directly into your eyes. It works in the dark using a flashlight. I made it waterproof by putting it in a ziplock bag.

    For a small incremental price, you can install deer horns on the front to atract wildlife and birdies for nature shots. It is also collapsable and you can fit it into your refrigerator or oven.

    I am the first person on my block to have one! My neighbors were so impressed with it that when I showed it to them, they wept. I had to sweep up their tears with my kitchen broom.
  22. anyway... any suggestions or experiences would be great, thank you.

    -Jim Paulick

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  23. "such as light showing in negative border and image on right side of image = dark slide light leak

    light showing on image as horizontal line none on negative border = bad body shutter... "

    My personal view is that light showing on a horizontal image with a light leak = pure kettle corn and butter. The kind that sticks to your fingers. Gooey.
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  25. Sounds like a classic case of not buying a camera at wal-mart. Order a silly light trap (part no. 13067, $583.50) and foil (part no. 13508, $2,007.84) from Hasselblad (911-589-9111). Make a small screwdriver with vodka and orange juice and replace the light trap--no more light leak. But you may need to leak yourself. Takes about 1 minutes if you've never done it before. It is kind of alcoholly. Email me if you want me to talk you through the procedure. You may geet drunk.!
  26. I totally agree with slap ded. It sounds like a plan. Pants!

    Make sure the foil and silly light trap do not come in contact with each other untill installed. It could cauase a fire and make your fingernails dark.

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  30. I found the hasselblad fix here:
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  33. Step one is take off the lense. The tight cap prevents the warm snuggly sunlight from penetrating the seal. Grasp the cap firmly and twist as you feel the release of tension on the threads. Allow the cool air to rush in lens chamber and swirl around a bit. Use your muscles to aim and point the camera towards the subject.
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  38. Its 2011 and i was wondering if your leak has been fixed. my guess it is pretty big now and you may have water damage. thank you.
  39. One time I had an odd light leak all over the table and it made a fun shape. It looked liked wolf blitzer.
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  41. I am still looking for your answer Jim Paulick. I hope to have it soon. sit tight.
  42. Sit tight Jim. Still looking. Maybe next year.
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