Odd behaviour in View NX

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jose_angel, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Not a question but a scary tale.
    Running View NX 2.3.1 32 bit, I experienced an odd behaviour. I use to download my images in files, files are automatically named with date and a brief title.
    I opened the last file but one, and to my surprise I found some pics that should have been in the latest file... I then checked the latest file and found that they were duplicated in both files. I didn`t do so. I checked the serial numbers of the duplicated photos, and they were different.
    I then copied and pasted the duplicated photos in a new file to keep them just in case. When I opened the file for checking, more photos, that were not selected from the last but one file, were duplicated and pasted, too.
    After checking that the non-selected, original ones were in the right place too, I selected and deleted them. Again, to my surprise, all the photos , selected and not, from the just created new file were deleted. I got scared.
    After that, looks like all the photos returned to their original files.
    Better if you have a good backup system.
  2. Sounds a lot like a mixed-up cache. The moment you see confused files/thumbnails there, clear out the thumbnail cache. It can get really loaded up if you're doing a bunch of housekeeping.
  3. Yes, looks like the computer is "really loaded". It takes way more than usual to finish a process in NX2, same in View NX. It doesn`t comply with my requests... it`s odd.
    I have just eliminated the cache. I`m restarting the computer...
  4. Looks like all is right again. Thank you, Matt.

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