Obviously influenced by a photo of an iconic photographer

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  1. Here is my rather feeble effort that I took in Cambodia with Robert Frank being my influence. -- cambodia222-copy-2.jpg
  2. Eikoh Hosoe
  3. Ansel Adams 16x20 clouds over santa barbara.jpg
  4. I'm always trying to channel Elliott Erwitt.
    Carmel 18b_Ocean Avenue_10a.jpg
  5. Bill Bowes

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  6. Child Labour. Inspired by Sebastião Salgado's in the denunciation of the exploitation
    0031a Niño Trabajador Ayudando Cajas Frutas-NoktonSC40.jpg Voigtländer Nokton SC 40 on Fuji X-P1
  7. Ansel Adams. Storm at Rock Point-web.jpg
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  8. Annie Leibovitz

  9. AZ-Canyon-de-Chelly-White-House-BW.jpg
    Long History
    O'Sullivan, Adams, JDM:), and many others​

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