o where o where has my 220 gone?

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  1. Fuji websites list their roll film being available in 135, 120 and 220. Why is it so difficult to get your hands on 220 chrome or print? I just took a serious leap into MF this spring getting an RB and a mess of gear to go with it, including 4 - 220 backs, only to discover 220 is like Hens teeth. Any suggestions on where and how to get Fuji 220 chrome or print , 100 or 160 ISO?
  2. Check B & H. They still have a small selection of 220.
  3. Luck!
    As I understand it, 220 was introduced for wedding, and other high paced/turnover photographic professions. Virtually all of those have switched completely to digital, decimating the 220 market, even more than other film formats.
    Ultrafineonline.com probably has some 220 in some guise, but their site isn't the most accurate, so you should call to get what they actually have in stock.
    B&H has 160s in 220. IIRC, Fuji discontinued 220 in the North American market, however you can order home market Fuji film from japanexposures.com They list most of Fuji's slide films as well as Reala.
  4. Good question. Supposedly the Portra is still around in 220, I really can't keep track of the demise well enough.
  5. But nothing in black & white. Will we never see B&W 220 again? You would think Fuji could easily make at least one B&W emulsion.
  6. It does seem as though it has reached the end of the line for big name B&W 220. But is not beyond the realms of possibility that a smaller company, EFKE/Adox or Rollei could produce a batch or two on indent order.
    I have kept a box full of end papers for the day when a bulk roll comes my way. In the mean time, especially glad now to have bought several lots of 70mm Tri-X in various lengths, together some arial film.
  7. 220 has been on the way out for years. Unfortunately there aren't as many cameras that take it as 120 - and most of
    the ones that take 220 also take 120. Fortunately your RB can take 120 backs.

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