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Discussion in 'Nature' started by bill_thorlin, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. A new series has just been started on the BBC from the Natural
    History unit. The blurb says "Your planet as you have never seen it
    before" and for once the blurb is right.

    They have employed new technologies, new techniques and a whole bunch
    of top photographers to provide images from near and far.

    If you are in the UK and interested in flora, fauna, landscapes,
    seascapes etc. etc. then you should not miss it.

    I believe that it has already been sold worldwide so when it pops up
    on your side of the pond I strongly recommend that you make the
  2. I love it, Bill. Fabulous offering from the BBC.

    "They have employed new technologies, new techniques and a whole bunch of top photographers to provide images from near and far."

    You are absolutely right! What a visual feast!
  3. Vivek - this type of programme is probably the best thing the Beeb does and I doubt anyone does it better. If you can go back as far as Life on Earth there have been a whole string of top offerings. If this one maintains the same standard throughout it could be the best yet.

    For anyone who missed this first part it will be repeated early on Saturday evening I think.
  4. I'll be looking for it on BBC America.
  5. I saw it last night. The filming was stunning, this series is going to be a visual feast. Watching a Great White breaching, in ultra-slow motion, was superb.

  6. inspirational. Highly recommended!
  7. BBC does many of the best nature documentaries these days. PBS's "Nature" took a real slide after George Page left.

    Unfortunately many of the titles are not avail in the US in NTSC format, but there are ways around that. Legit copies can be bought in all region NTSC DVD format out of Hong Kong, either on auction or thru YesAsia.

    Examples include Wild Africa (stunning), Wild South America, Wild Australasia, and Earth Story.

    Something very cool that occured recently was the American release of David Attenborough's "Life In The Freezer", seemingly due to the success of "March Of The Penguins". I had been waiting many years for this, the best Antartica wildlife doc ever done.

    Will look forward to the new BBC series. -Greg-
  8. Greg - if the rest is as good as the first then it could be the best yet.
  9. I hadn't heard about PLANET EARTH till now; it sounds sensational. Can't wait to see it! What's EARTH STORY? I don't see it available on DVD from Amazon UK.

    I've become addicted to many of the BBC series, which as noted above, often aren't available on DVD in the US. All you need, however, is DVD player capable of playing in "region free" mode. These are easy to find; an excellent one is made by Oppo, and is available from Amazon for around $200. You can find virtually all of the Attenborough series from Amazon UK (or other UK retailers). For example, I've got SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS, TRIALS OF LIFE, LIFE ON EARTH and even the latest LIFE IN THE UNDERGROWTH, none of which are available in the US.

    I agree with Greg that WILD AFRICA, WILD S. AMERICA, and WILD AUSTRALIA are simply fantastic...the best series ever done on these regions. Doing a little poking around, it looks like a WILD ASIA series is also in the works. And yes indeed, NATURE has really gone downhill in the last few years. Pity; it used to be the best nature series going.
  10. "What's EARTH STORY?"

    Earth Story is hands down the best geological documentary I've seen. Even my wife likes it, and she's not much into rocks. :) It's either a 6 or 8 part series (1 hr per episode) taken around the world. Some of the revelations are astounding. Also, they show you where all the really old surface rocks are. Highly recommended!
  11. Just watched the recording last night, and I'm awe struck.

    From the bizarre dancing birds of paradise with their stunning shapes, colours and noises, through the comedy of baboons mincing limp-wristedly through the water, to the heart-racing adrenalin-fuelled wild dog pack hunting impala. Incredible.

    I want a Heli-Gimbal!!
  12. And a helicopter !
  13. Did you notice when they set their campsite on fire they were more interested in saving the Heli Gimbal camera than the chopper it was bolted to... I guess you dont just pop down to B&H to pick one of those up?
  14. T C - only one was a pilot, the rest were cameramen and naturalists and they know what is important anyway :)
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  16. The "Heligimbal" is actually a "Cineflex". Model V14. It's a very sweet system. Buy one here.......... http://www.cineflex.com/ Or rent one here.............. http://www.helinet.com/services/services_prod_camsys.asp Richard

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