NYMTA database on those questioned for photographing

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  1. The crossings are used by 800,000 vehicles a day.

    That's a lot to monitor, too much I'd say.

    An unarmed Brazillian guy was chased onto a London Underground train by plain clothes police, he was pinned to the ground and shot 8 times at point blank.

    His visa had expired......

    I wonder if anyone had a camera phone handy then.

    Sad times indeed.
  2. "But one source noted that in general, if someone pops up twice filming a crossing, "You start to develop a case."
    Man, I'm ripe for a few cases then. I cannot count how many times I've photographed the Golden Gate Bridge and the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge. What are these people complete idiots? Do they think photographers photograph things to document them and once is enough?
  3. I concur with Richard. I like the Fuji rangefinder website, and I enjoy using my Fuji 690ii (50 Euro) and my g690bl ($630).

    Actually I find the ruins, barns, stately homes, beaches, animals, arts, crafts, and people of S.W. Ireland far more interesting than I ever thought possible. I would like to document these people and places here before everthing changes. Sometimes the simplle things are very rewarding.

  4. MTA investigators are keeping a secret database of people stopped and questioned for filming or photographing bridges and tunnels as part of the agency's efforts to thwart terror, the Daily News has learned.
    Just don't let Karl Rove know who is on it!
  5. I just love the part that says that in some cases film is kept and all images are reviewed. Are they kidding? Anybody who wants to take my film had better have a warrant right then and there with my name on it. Unreal!
  6. Following the recent bombings in London the police were asking for photographs, mainly taken on mobile 'phone cams, to help identify suspects. As a result of a massive public response there has been a string of arrests. None of the bombers was ever seen taking photographs. Do you see where this is leading? Do you think that officialdom can make the necessary leap of imagination (of which they manifest a tragic lack) to understand that people with cameras are NOT the problem?
  7. m_.


    how many of you have voiced to your senators or congressmen when they voted patriot act and such?

    how many of you have gone to the election poll and put in an honest vote instead of supporting a certain party?

    how many of you are still hard core republicans?

    the answer is in the wind...
  8. If they force you to hand over your film make sure you open the back before you rewind it.
  9. Sing it, M! Say hallelujah! Can I get an Amen?

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