NY electronics (camera) stores caught in online fraud

Discussion in 'News' started by htarragon, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. What took so long ?
  2. They'll soon reopen under new names.
  3. Shame. We already know these names. I like the fine aspect.
  4. Mr. Tarragon...
    I’m glad someone finally did something but… it was not much justice. It is more like the petty thief who is in front of the judge for stealing your four hubcaps. After a lengthy jury trial, the judge makes him give one back. These clowns should have been prosecuted years ago and do some time.
  5. I'll stick to B&H and Adorama in NYC and Freestyle in California.
  6. Does this mean the photo magazines that have run the scam ads these companies have used to sucker people will now close down the portal--or will they simply take the money and look the other way? If they can't market their scams, they fold and close. If the magazines keep accepting the ads knowing what is going on, many more will be hooked.
  7. I don't particularly like to plug Citibank, but their "VIRTUAL ACCOUNT NUMBER" service is one thing they're doing right and perfectly apt for shopping online, by phone or mail. With this service you can generate a credit account number that will hide your actual account number.
    That number will then be valid for only one vendor and for the amount and time frame you specify. Purchases made with the service will show up on your regular statement. It's too bad other card issuers do not have this service.
    More info can be found about halfway down the page on the Citicards website:
    FAQs: https://www.accountonline.com/cards/svc/OutsideView.do?forward=VanFAQOutsidePop&siteId=CB
  8. Re: The amazing prices...
    If it seems to good to be true...
  9. Another bozo outfit that needs mentioning (eventhough it is not in NYC) is eCost. Their tactic: take your money and never ship anything. They held me up for 60 days on a D300. Finally, my credit card company reversed the charge. Maybe this post is the only payback I'll ever get for the hassle and wasted time.
  10. Why is NY so full of dubious camera stores? The online scams are just continuing a tradition that dates back to my childhood and beyond. 14th street used to be lined with stores that played exactly the same game. 3 years ago I saw an Olympus advertised by one of them at an absurdly low price, went in, and as I was in the act of buying it was told "oh, and all those cameras are rejects lying around in bins. You really want to buy something else, don't you?"
    Stuff like this was so blantant I figured somebody somewhere had to be on the take.
  11. steve_g|2

    steve_g|2 Posting to strangers is just a hobby of mine.

    Hey, these guys are not all bad. Just do not buy from them.
    A couple years ago:
    I bought a Nikon D50 from Dell and mention of a better price on the website of a NYC dealer did the trick.
    The order taker brought up the site and (almost) matched the price.

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