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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by gerry_szarek, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. While waiting for my oil change I grabbed this shot in Star Bucks, your comments please. Thanks, Gerry
  2. it's like the "my daughter's first cigarette" pic. caffeine is the last thing young children should be consuming. i always question (in my mind) these parents who let their baby's drink coke or pepsi or coffee....you know who you are :)
  3. OK why didn't this picture come in line? Its 500X3yy in size, and I have a title.

    Thanks, Gerry
  4. Gerry, you need a caption.
  5. Let's try posting this again, I will give it a title, it's less than 100K in size, size is 500Xyyy in jpeg format.
  6. Gerry's
  7. last time..
  8. What I did was save the file, brought it to PS, then save it again...Don't ask me why. ;)
  9. The 'cigarette' was a family situation - a permitted/acknowledged use. Is this picture in the news category or is it here so these folks can be ridiculed without benefit? What is in the cup?
  10. Most of us would give chocolate to a child this age and it also contains
  11. I know, but it's great to show how superior we all are!
  12. FWIW, I kinda like it, Gerry. Your timing was good, and the play-off between the poster in the background and the father's "lending a hand" works, as does his expression. (Is he looking out for one of those dreaded militant Starbuckiphobes, perhaps? ;-) )
  13. your comments please. NW's? Photo for critique. Just confusing folk.
  14. Don't take me the wrong way,please. But if nw's are opened up for ctitique, well, goodbye photo's. The this sucks brigade will move in.
  15. It's a pretty mundane grabshot. And I think those Frappucino drinks are available sans caffeine. 'Course, they still have about a million calories, so perhaps someone can still object to it.
  16. Sorry guys/girls I meant to say some words, DAH, my kids party birthday party today, brain cells aren't working. So Travis I still want to know what you did to get it to post?

    FYI, it was a full cafine kick drink, I talked to the Dad on the way out.


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