Nudes shown in public Explore-Trending alleged from "Funny"

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by frieder_galwand, May 9, 2017.

  1. Nudes, nudes, nudes shown in explore - trending from the category "Funny". None of the Nude-images is in the category "Funny" All the shown nude-pics are from "Nude and Erotic". Please solve that.
  2. A long time ago you could hide a forum or only see a specific picture category. Now you can't.

    All these "Funny" images are from one photographer too, which, if we had the ability, we could "ignore" content from that individual. Alas, this POS forum software has no provision for something so onerous - hiding EVERYTHING a user posts. Even facebook allows "Hide all from DickWadX" and the content, and problem, goes away.
  3. I don't know if it works on everything someone posts, but there is an IGNORE feature now. If you click on the person's name under their avatar in a thread, you'll get a small pop-up window with a choice to IGNORE. This works for threads and for No Words, but I'm not sure whether it works for trending photos. It does not work for posts to the POTW, unfortunately.
  4. PapaTango

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    Old Maurice sure spends a lot of time around nekkid wimmin... :rolleyes:

    Fred, the ignore feature only works in the forum. The galleries are another piece of software that has its own configuration. No ignore there...
  5. Sandy Vongries

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    In re: "Funny" -- under certain circumstances apparently the system defaults to funny describing an image. It has done so to several of mine, (no, I don't do nudes!) and I have been unable to change categories.
  6. Feder Gawand: your comments often border on harassment - you should be given 6 months "vacation" meaning no possibility of posting.
  7. If the photos in question are tagged as "funny", they may get placed into that category.

    ??? There's nothing here that even comes close to harassment.
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  8. "Feder Gawand: your comments often border on harassment - you should be given 6 months "vacation" meaning no possibility of posting."

    In what possible way was the post "harassment"?

  9. Ray House

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    The Category selections have never worked since their the page design with all the scrolling necessary is just awful. Too bad the problem is just ignored.

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