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  1. Hello,
    Although I read a lot of the post here this is actually me first question so
    please forgive me if I get it in the wrong area or something.

    I have an upcoming nude shoot with a pregnant model which I am very excited
    about shooting because I have looked for a long time trying to find a model who
    wanted to be photographed nude while she was pregnant. Anyway, I would like for
    the images to be very artistic and classy in nature and most of them will
    probably be finished in B&W. A few months ago when I decided I wanted to do a
    shoot like this I found some very nice images done is a very artistic manner and
    I thought they were fabulous. Now that I am looking for them to show my client
    it seems all I can find are just the ones where a pregnant lady is either lying
    on her back with her tummy sticking straight up or standing and showing the
    profile of her tummy. I guess these are OK if this is what the photographer and
    client was looking for but to me most of them just look like snapshots
    highlighting the woman's tummy. I would like to do something much more
    artistically than this. My client is very petite and in very good athletic
    health and is still very active in her fitness routine so I would like to get
    some images of her in various poses taking advantage of her athletic ability and
    flexibility rather than just shoot her lying flat on her back or standing up
    showing her tummy. Although I have exactly in my mind the type of shots I would
    like to do with her I would really like to have some images to show her to give
    her a better idea what I am looking for and also showing her how artistic and
    classy they can turn out when done correctly. I wish I could find the website
    where I seen the ones before which really caught my attention but I cannot seem
    to locate them now and I was wondering if anyone has any links or knows of any
    where I could find some very classy, artistic nude images of pregnant women to
    show my client what I have in mind for her shoot. She also has another young
    child I would like to incorporate in some of her images so I would also like to
    find some of these images as well if anyone has any links to these.

    Sorry for making this so long and I really appreciate any links or images you
    may have which will help me show my client what I have in mind. This is also
    her first nude work as well so I really want it to turn out just right so she is
    very happy and will also be proud to use the images we get for her.

    Thanks very much,
  2. sfh


    Just googling 'Pregnant Photography' comes up with several good results. Here are links to a
  3. Catherine Steinman's Work. May give you some ideas.
  4. Hey Forrest and Kenneth,
    Thanks very much for the links! These will give me some good examples to show my client and also gave me some more ideas of some things I would like to do. If anyone else has others I would greatly appreciate them as well.

    Thanks Again,
  5. The most beautiful pregnancy photos I have ever seen are by Linnea Lenkus I love all her work.
    Good luck with it,

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