Nude Poses for Overweight Models?

Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by donald_holman, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. I have a friend who is moderately overweight. She is interested in
    taking fine art nudes. Was wondering if anyone had a good source of
    info for poses that would be flattering for her body type? Any info
    is very much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. you basically use the same poses, but you have to be more creative with lighting and draping. Do not have the model flat to the camera. Instead, always at a slimming angle. have her/him stretch out and lift up. And then remember that there is only so much you can do. If she wants photos of her, them make photos of HER.
  3. I'm assuming you and she wish to shed some of that weight in the images. If not, skip this.

    I once saw some "glamour" shots of a co-worker that were astounding in that they removed about a hundred pounds from her figure. I really didn't recognize her for an instant after she handed them to me. Those shots weren't retouched afterwards, either.

    IMX, you can hid some bulk behind things, where "things" include other parts of the body, you can hide it in shadows, make it disappear in blown-out highlights, and avoid some of it by isolation.

    It's gonna require some experimentation, and some of those shots will turn out to be just plain ugly. If the shoot is approached mainly as an experiment in lighting (with luck and deft psychological handling on your part) she won't freak out over those.
  4. Go back to the father of fat, Peter Paul Rubens, for inspiration: rubens
  5. I would suggest an entirely different approach: don’t worry about fat or thin or making the model look one or the other.

    Treat her like any other model. Get to know her a little. Look at her in every way in every kind of light that you have available and then take pictures that you thing will covey the interesting, special qualities about her.

    I think that trying make a model look a certain way can be a trap that prevents the making of good honest portraits. If it’s “fine art” that is the goal it does not matter if she looks “overweight.” Show what’s there in a good way and the weight won’t be an issue.

    The more I think about it the more I like the idea of working with a zoftig model with wonderful curves and form to capture on film. Kudos to her for wanting to model; too many “overweight” people try to hide their bodies. There seems to be a growing movement of people who are fighting against the “thin is in” school of thought and demanding to have their forms valued as they are. Health issues aside, styles change over time. As Edward suggests, Rubens and other great classical artists had a magical way of showing the full-figured body in a marvelous way.
    I wish I could tag along on this project; it’s sounding interesting
    Have fun,
    Joe Stephenson
  6. A gorgeous full frontal nude of a very large woman is in the folder of Zeno Felkl in I think the point is not to try to diguise massiveness but to show it's visual power.
  7. Most of these are artists and photographers' answers. Think of the
    wants to be depicted as fat no matter what they say up front. You can
    and should strive to shed some photo pounds because the camera will
    make her fatter than she sees herself. Art talk aside, I shoot a LOT of
    women and even the most confident do not want to appear even fatter
    than they are. I had one Bride (a self made, successful business woman)
    call me after her wedding to say she had seen snapshots that relatives had
    taken, and she was appalled how fat she looked. I had lit her and used
    every lens trick in the book, plus ruthless editing to make her as she saw
    herself. I must have lipo-ed 40 photo pounds off of her. She just
    grinned ear to ear when I showed her the pictures, and said "that's why I
    hired you".

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