Now That Your Pefectly Fine 5DII is Useless ...

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by anthony_bridges, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Now that your perfectly fine 5DII is useless with the 5DIII coming, it's time to dump that has been black brick onto the used market. Don't delay as I would hate buying a great camera like the 5DII cheap. It would feel so 2009. :)
  2. What makes you think it's useless. It is a good as it was last year.
  3. As good as it was last year? It's not even as good as it was last week...
  4. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    FD -
    I don’t think the OP was literal in meaning.
    I perceive that the OP is a twofold sardonic comment pitched towards those who have the need to "must upgrade" for Upgrading’s Sake; and also a quip, adressing the true value of: a "perfectly fine" but "useless" camera.
    I think it is a nicely worded comment at which we should giggle, and not take seriously.
    Maybe you thought that too - but just in the case that you didn't . . .
    And a nice ref. to 2009, also.
  5. What makes you think it's useless. It is a good as it was last year.​
    I think there was some irony intended here.
    I read somewhere that Americans only recognise irony when you add 'just kidding' to the end of the line!
  6. Now that your perfectly fine 5DII is useless with the 5DIII coming.....​
    Indeed it is, indeed it is. Yesterday at Focus on Imagining, I could actually get close to one without queuing for half an hour! And there were several dealers there clearly having a fire sale - dumping stocks of these useless old clunkers at never-before-seen prices (in the UK). They obviously found a lot of suckers, because they seemed to be selling quite a lot of them.... Obviously no-one had told the buyers that the 5DII had deteriorated dreadfully in the previous five days, because they all seemed happy bunnies!
    I'm saving up for a 5DIII... or is it a 1DX?... and if I can't afford that, then maybe a D800. Or there's that Fuji... No way would you find me going anywhere near one of those 5DIIs. Definitely not. Not at all. I mean who buy one? Can't anyone else see how bad all those pictures taken with it look now?
  7. vbi


    Now that your perfectly fine 5DII is useless with the 5DIII coming
    But...I'm waiting for the 5DX or the 5D4 or whatever else is newer and shinier!
  8. This is hysterical and oh so true...and yes, we do understand irony over here...well, maybe some of us, not kidding, etc...thank for a very realistic and useful post. I own a 5m M2, which I love dearly, but have an order in for a D800 I'm thinking of canceling...
  9. I read somewhere that Americans only recognise irony when you add 'just kidding' to the end of the line!​
    Steve, that stings a bit. We may not be quite so proficient in it as our Brit counterparts, but for many of us, irony is still a second language. Also allow me to remind you of something George Carlin once said, paraphrasing here: Think about how dumb the average person is, and then remember half of them are dumber than that.
  10. I read somewhere that Americans only recognise irony when you add 'just kidding' to the end of the line!​
    Too true! Ouch, that one hits close to home! OTOH, some American statements aren't actual irony, so unlike some of our friends across the pond, we aren't constantly being hammered with ironic statements... unfortunately that has a rather negative effect on our sitcoms...
  11. Recognize irony? Isn't that why the emoticon was invented? :-()
    Meanwhile, back on the topic: I'll be using my Mk II through the reign of the Mk III, IV, V, and then it will pass to a family member...
  12. You guys have NO sense of humor.
  13. I do.
    "To be is to do.": Aristotle
    "To do is to be.": Sartre
    "Doo be doo bee doo.": Sinatra
    "Math is hard.": Barbie
  14. After just over 3 years with it I have suddenly discover the Af on my 5DII is useless and it shoots so slowly that I miss all the action. On a more serious note I would "upgrade" but the price increase is quite steep. The better high ISO performance, faster frame rate and significant AF improvements do appeal to me.
  15. The 5d MKll is nothing if not versatile and with the 70-200 2.8 connected to it makes for a dandy doorstop or paperweight. You can also tie your Chihuahua's leash to it to keep him from running off. Or if your motor home requires a chock block so that it doesn't roll away on a hill.
  16. Irony? Isn't that like woody or brassy only made of iron?
  17. Steve, I believe over here that irony and sarcasm are less familiar languages, while in (mostly southern) England they are the native tongue. I've intentionally not mentioned the other inhabitants of Great Britain, who I've found to be substantially polite, in general conformity with American cultural preferences. There is also a very large and often unnoticed component of the southern English population that is actually polite, so one cannot draw overly broad generalizations. The royal family comes to mind -- VERY nice folks.
    Just kidding, of course.
    PS uuuuuuuussssssssszxcvbnm,./.rt;lkjh';slkfg Please insert and/or substitute these extra letters as desired.
    PPS To the OP: As Canon will still be producing and selling the 5DII, I wouldn't look for it to be dumped onto the used market in significant numbers. The good news for you is that Canon will be reducing the price of the 5DII, which will also drive down used prices.
  18. dlw


    Irony is fun. Ironing, not so much.
  19. I'm waiting on the release that will make me a great photographer since that all depends on how much money I spend...
  20. This reminds me of the day my son told me I was out dated because i still had a "Black" Iphone4 and had not upgraded to the new "White" Iphone4. Or how when I upgraded my outdated Iphone 3S to the Iphone4 only to find out it got worse reception. But , hey at least I'm cool until the white Iphone 5's come out. Ooops. I said "cool" that's got to be an out dated word.
    Seriously, I have learned that my photography actullay didn't change much going from a Canon 30D with a kit lens to a Canon 5D2 with a Canon 17-40 F4L and Tamron 28-75 F2.8. Buying newer better equipment is absolutely not going to make my photography improve if my photography SKILLS never improve.
    Actually I find I use my Android Gallaxy 2 more than I used my Iphone4 because I am not scared of dropping and shattering the fragile glass screen on Iphone4. In a similar way I feel more comfortable and shoot more often with my Canon 5D2 and Canon 28 1.8 lens as it doesn't stand out as much and I feel a little less at risk as I do when toting around say my 85 1.2L.
    I really think the camera you have with you the most and shoot with often will in the end give you the best results...
  21. 5DII? Heck my 5Dc is as good as a paperweight now. I probably couldn't even sell it if I wanted too. Who would want it anyway?
  22. So is my 5D (Mk 1) only good as a paperweight now?
  23. No, it's not useless! Buy a 5DII or 5DIII. Set it up on a tripod in a park. Then lay the 5D on a park bench, and video people's reaction to it as they walk by. Do they laugh at it? Do they curse at it? ("You worthless piece of junk!") Does anyone actually want to make off with it, and how embarrassed do they look if they do? This really has good candid video potential.
  24. By the time you got back to the video camera, the bench would be empty.
  25. So is my 5D (Mk 1) only good as a paperweight now?​
    Peter, you're MKI is not even useful in that capacity, as it is now obsolete as a paperweight, having been replaced by the MKII.
  26. Better hurry! It's not too soon to pre-order your MkIII paperweight! :p
  27. I know the OP was kidding, but I assure you I have the skills to make the new 5D III as useless as my current 5D II. All it takes is a cursory glance at my photos and you'll be convinced.
  28. You think you've got problems, my 5D (first model) is so antiquated it deletes pictures I've already taken!
  29. Irony is of course the superlative of laundry.

    The reasons why I would get a 5Diii would end with image quality at ISO 12800.
    They would start with "snappy like my 50D" and a big 100% uncluttered viewfinder.

    The reasons not to all begin with €.

  30. Darn you, Canon! Now I'll have to erase all of the pics that I took with the 2 and book new travel plans so I can reshoot everything
    with a 3. I hope I encounter exactly the same weather and events in the process. Next, I'll have to call my friends to see if they'd be interested in re-enacting their weddings. Technology is so cruel.
  31. If any of you are worried about how to get rid of you junky old 5Ds and Mark IIs in a safe eco friendly way, I have the answer. I'll do it for you. Send me your old, outdated cameras along with $20 and I'll dispose of it in an earth friendly way. Just email me for shipping instructions.. I'll even pay the shipping if you include another $20..
  32. I forgot to add, if you have any accessories such as lenses, flashes, battery grips, etc you should include them also since we all know once you use them on an old junky camera, they'll never work right on the newest one..
    Just me trying to help you..
  33. For us "senior" members who actually shot film (I'm 37 years old BTW), we can remember drooling over cameras like the EOS 1n etc. The AF of the 5D2 is far superior to that of the 1n and the 1n was the camera used for EVERYTHING that needed quick focus including football (soccer), motor racing etc. Nikon users used to sit in the corner with their bottom lip out whinging about their screw drive AF systems. I love my 5D2, there is no way on earth I'll be handing over a wad of cash that could buy both a 5D2 and a 7D (with change to spare) for a 5D3.
    As for irony, the yanks have a long way to go to match our dry sense of humour but I must say they are slowly improving (Curb Your Enthusiasm is my favourite TV show).
  34. I messed up, doubly. I should have deleted all the photos I had taken with my Pentax 10D when I bought my used Canon 5D a couple years back. Maybe I should at least edit the exif data. I should run out and buy a new camera that would make my compositions better and balance better on my tripod. I could then delete the old 5D photos, or at least edit the exif data.
  35. Hmmmm... I should perhaps consider donating mine, huh? :)
  36. I'm very happy using my useless Canon 30D...
  37. Actually I would still buy the 5D II over the 5D III and have recommended the same for others. An extra $1000 to $1500 for 2 fps more, and a silly high ISO range, is not worth it. Buy an awesome lens instead.
  38. My 50D belongs in a museum.
  39. Heck my 5Dc is as good as a paperweight now. I probably couldn't even sell it if I wanted too. Who would want it anyway?​
    No one. Give it to a good cause. :p Too many are on the used market rotting away for weeks at $800.
    Now, is my Canon EOS-1DS Mark II a heavier paperweight? Hmm?
  40. Are you kidding, just kidding.
  41. I'm keeping my 5D II and wait for another year when Canon fill most of the need of those who don't mind to pay a premium price for the 5D III then will be the first one to buy when the price drops below $3000. May be I have to wait for more than a year, so wait then.
  42. I have a Canon 5D (original version). It still works fine, thanks.
  43. Damn Canon! My 5DII will have to stay in the cupboard now along with my other useless cameras - 400D, 40D and 50D. My 7D is the only one worth using now...
  44. I'll do someone a favor and give him/her $500 for their useless 5D MKII.
  45. I am actually kinda happy, I always felt the 5d2 was way above my level of photography so now I feel right at home.

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