Novoflex adaptors for Canon SLR

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  1. I saw a Noxoflex adaptor that will allow Leica R lenses to fit on Canon SLRs. Having no chance to play with the thing, can someone who has used one before tell me how this adaptor work? Specifically, what do you lose when you mount a Leica lens on an EOS? Does it only work in Manual or can you still retain AE? Thanks for any comments.


    Lots of info from the archives above. The biggest problem with
    almost all lens swaps,(including the Leica to Canon ones) is that you
    end up with a manually operating aperture. I think people
    underestimate what a pain in the ass it is to have to turn the
    aperture ring manually to full open to focus, and manually turn it
    back to the taking aperture every time you want to meter and take a
    picture. To me, it sets camera handling back 50 years, and cripples
    any kind of fast shooting. If you have a specialty optic, like a
    very long lens, a PC lens, or a superwide, it may be worth the
    trouble to be able to swap it on another body from time to time, but
    otherwise I think it is not the best way to use Leica lenses.
  3. Thanks Andrew. As I have suspected, the EOS should work only in manual
    and I fully agree with you that it is a big pain after getting so
    dependent on AE and autodiaphram. Looks like I will give this gizmo a
  4. I think the Leica lenses will still work on AE the same way a mirror
    lens would, but the lack of auto diaphram still would be the deciding
    factor for me.

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