Novatron 480 kit and Nikon D7500 best wireless transmitter/receiver?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by reflectedmoonlight, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Just got repairs done to my light kit and was curious about going wireless. I received an HH connector in the mail today. Would Pocket Wizard be the best choice or have you been pleased with another manufacturer's product?
  2. AJG


    I've had good luck with the Paul C Buff transmitter/receivers which are a good deal cheaper than the Pocket Wizard system.
  3. For a hobbyist, the less expensive stuff works fine.
    The current inexpensive Chinese RF slaves are much better than the old ones. I had to have a backup set, of the old ones, because the reliability wasn't there.
  4. PW kit is fine if you like wasting your money.

    Personally I've been using cheap YongNuo RF-603s totally reliably for a few years. No need for anything else for simple triggers. It's only if you need i-TTL or ETTL that you have to spend more.

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