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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by daniel flather, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Notify me of new responses? Sure. Does it work for anyone? It used
    to work for me but
    it has not worked in over a year. Even when I post a question like
    this one the answers
    are not sent to me. If I post to the 24hr board I will receive a
    mass mail when the post
    expires, sometimes but not always.<P>
    Any other thoughts out there?
  2. Daniel, I sent a message to all 5000+ users who have forum level alerts registered. Already 1200 have bounced due to bad e-mail addresses. I asked people to let me know if they received the mail, but hadn't received the alerts, and so far 99 people responded.

    Now these were the "forum-level" alerts, not the "thread-level" alerts that you are talking about. But when I do a similar test of the thread-level alerts, I suspect the results will be the same.

    Bottom line: (1) about 20% of the email addresses are bad; so check that you registered for the alerts with a good address and the alerts are still enabled. (2) quite a few people are reporting problems getting alerts, although I know that it does work for some people (like me).

    It is a high priority for me to track down these problems.
  3. Works fine for me. Sometimes has been down in the past but lately fine. One interesting thing is that if you click the link it used to go away, now it's still there. And if you click again it gives an error page. So I only click it once now ;-) I liked when it went away, then I knew which ones I had requested notification on should I be on the page again.
  4. Works fine for me; I always have two or three of these going.
  5. Hi,<P>
    Yes, my addy is good and the alerts are on. The alerts never-ever worked for me.
    Example (to make sure we are on the same level) In the 24hr board if I register an alert
    that is set for the keyword "fisheye" it will not work.<P>
    If I am interested in a particular thread and I click on the "Notify me of new responses"
    that used to work but no more.<P>
    Thanks for your fast reply Brian, I'm sure you guys are working on all of this and I know
    there must be alot of logistics involved and it will not be fixed overnight. <P>Thank you.
  6. Also,<P>
    If i post a question are the individual answers mailed to me? The above posts were not. I
    just clicked on the "Notify me of new responses" for this thread to see if it works.

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