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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by Erik-Christensen, Jun 12, 2021.

  1. when uploading photos to various threads I click " receive email notifications" , however I never receiv any norifications. My email adress is - what, where can I do somthing to rectify this?
  2. You can’t. The PN email system and many other features are unrectifiable.

    [Also, it’s a good idea not to post your email address in public.]
  3. After long musing and contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that the new "PN" OS is marginally superior to the old one.

    However like some vestigial organs in biological evolution, there are things that no longer work (as if they ever did?).
  4. Perhaps that's a defensible conclusion on the forum side. I doubt anyone could reasonably muse or contemplate themselves to that conclusion on the gallery side of the site, which offers not even a fraction compared to the previous PN iteration.
  5. I am certain that the canines of Saber-toothed tigers were most effective in their day. Other than for Dracula and his cohorts, they have become somewhat useless today though, you are probably right ..

    by the way, a common misconception and citation by the illuminated among us, membership of PN is increasing and not the contrary, though we obviously have a long way to go still ..
  6. Right now, on a Sunday morning, there are 32 of those increasing numbers of members logged into PN. That number seems to fluctuate between 15 and 60 most of the time. And it's usually the same names.
  7. Yes Fred (samstevens since returning to PN), but the worst lies come from the know all who know nothing and rarely fool anyone, least of all themselves. Numbers are factual, statistics are a play on their meaning.

    Maybe one of the administrators who have access to could hand out some of the figures so as to shield our members from the naysayers which have such a derogatory effect to the climate on PN. I am not authorized to do that.
  8. As classy as butt cheeks.

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