Discussion in ' Site Help' started by jwink3101, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. In the unachieved forum I wanted to be notified of responses. When I
    clicked on the link at the top the page blinked but nothing happened
    so I clicked again and I got a server error. It said something about
    AOL but I don’t use AOL. I would really like to get these forums
    sent. If it makes a difference in solving the problem, I can tell you
    that I do subscribe so I’m not over the limit. Thanks
  2. I hope you read this before you answer but they are showing up in "my questions" part of my workspace but i have no idea of thier frequency
  3. Justin, there is a bug where if you ask for notifications on a question where you have already asked for notifications, you get that server error. The reason it says AOLServer is that we use the open-source AOLServer web server released by AOL. does not otherwise have anything to do with AOL.

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