Nothing in Focus, D70 70-300

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mostirreverent, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. It seems as though nothing is in focus in this picture. Or is this just the
    short comings of the 10-300 G at max focal length.

    ? File size: 178283 bytes
    ? File date: 2007:03:10 22:14:25
    ? Camera make: NIKON CORPORATION
    ? Camera model: NIKON D70
    ? Date/Time: 2007:03:09 09:18:10
    ? Resolution: 799 x 446
    ? Flash used: No
    ? Focal length: 300.0mm (35mm equivalent: 450mm)
    ? Exposure time: 0.017 s (1/60)
    ? Aperture: f/13.0
  2. Link does not work.

    Try for a faster shutter speed. 300mm aka 450mm on digital should be at least 1/450 shutter speed.
  3. Not sure how you can tell sharpness with that small size cos I cannot. I managed to open the link. Att as follows in fullsize from the OP. I say shoot at full resolution and zoom into full size to check focus but again the shutter speed. Many pple say for safety for handholding use 1/2x FL in other words 300mm = use 1/600 shutter speed or faster.
  4. William: At 1/60th and 300mm without VR, it ain't gonna be sharp no matter how nailed the focus is. This is a classic example of camera shake, not missed focus.
  5. Greg,

    put your camera and lens on a tripod and try again.

    Use IR remote to take the picture.
  6. If the image is out of focus there is no shutter speed that can bring it on to the focal plane.
    Shutter speed has nothing to do with focus which is strictly a function of the lens.
  7. Yeah, you need to observe the 1/focal length rule.
  8. I have several Nikon lens. I have a couple of inexpensive lenses and a couple of expensive ones. The others fall in the middle. They all are fantastic. The only Nikon lens that I have never been happy with is the one you have. I kept it a short time and sold it. I find the 55-200 Dx has virtually the same range and is a zillion times better for focus, sharpness, color and contrast. That lens is typically not sharp at 300mm but you may have a defective lens.

    If you are never getting sharp pictures with it even when shooting at high shutter speeds, you should send it in for warranty service. My 18-200 vr gave me good but not great results. After a brief time at Nikon, it came back working great, as good as any of the other lenses I have.
  9. I don't use long telephoto lenses very often so I opted for this lens for its attractive price. Sure its not the best built or fastest lens in that range, however with good technique and practice you will get decent results. Its the best $100. lens I own:)
  10. One more. Both shot at 300MM on a D70.
  11. Thanks, then it is the speed. I was shooting on a tripod (slik M100 which is pretty heavy), though I didn?t have my remote so I was pressing the shutter button. It was about 8:30 and the sun was just coming up over the trees.

    Steve, in the bird shot, do you recall where you were focusing. Seems his back is good but the breast is fuzzy (of course it is, they?re feathers). I've also been trying for greater depth of field even in the low light, but with the geese, I?ve been trying to focus on their heads rather than bodies.

    BTW, what is the trick to get a photo up. On another post I tried two ways from photobucket, but no auto link.

    You've already seen plenty of examples of what that lens can do at 300mm, but there's one more. Personally I just bump up the iso a bit to get my shutter speed faster. In good light this lens is resonably sharp, and the D70 produces very decent images at high iso. Personally I think this combo of lens and body is a good marriage of price and performence.
  13. I spent years wasting my time with telephoto zoom. If the picture is important to you, try a 200mm fixed. If it's not that important and you are just after the general feel, that's not bad.
  14. Greg, I recall focusing on the birds head, holding the shutter release half way down and recomposing. So I don't have the camera locked down on the tripod and I am not using a remote shutter release. Not exactly good technique. Another short comming of this lens, like all slow zooms, is it is slow to focus in low light situations. It needs some really contrasty surface to focus on or it will hunt. Not being very commputer savy the best I can tell you about posting an image is prior to confirming your post click on the browse block and then click on the image you wish to post after finding it on your hard drive. Image must be 511 pixels or less on the longest side. Then put something in the caption block and click confirm. Hope this helps. Steve
  15. well my link worked on another post. it may have been the host site or address that was a

    As for iso, i'll try that. I have been fearful of noise.

    As for the 200 fixed, I am already wanting a bigger lens. In time perhaps I will look at a the
    sigma ???-500 or hopefully someone will offer a 200-500 that is near a grand and is
    somewhat fast...

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