Not sure if this works or not.

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  1. I found this cool old cobblestone street in Manhattan, one of those streets people don't think exist anymore, as the city has seemed to be taken over with new developments on every single street. But this one stands alone. I missed the opportunity to get the family walking away with the umbrella in a much better position, so I took what was left, an empty street in a seemingly empty city during COVID. Does it work? Thanks in advance. Collister Street, NYC, Rolleiflex 2.8F, Tri-X film, October, 2020. 23860003.jpg
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  2. I like it. I like it the way you shot/framed it. I also like it cropped in... it draws me in a bit more. Understandably you may not want to crop or change the natural square formatting. Cropping does loose some of the expanse which would lessen the covid suggestion ... but not entirely.
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  3. It certainly does work!
    Do you mind if I copy it and try for some creative editing practice?
    Don't know if I can do it but it looks like it might have some possibilities.
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  4. Have at it sir!
  5. Nice shot, it certainly does "work". There's a whole neighborhood kind of in the corners of Broadway & Houston (SOHO?), that has the old cobblestone streets. One of my favorite places to have a beer or beverage is Fanelli's, down in there at Mercer & Prince.
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  6. Thankyou! Basically what I'm going to try to do is locate some good examples of 19th or early 20th century horse drawn carriages (that actually look like 19th or early 20th century horse drawn carriages as opposed to the central park variety, some old timey looking late 19th\early 20th century horseless carriages), clone out the more recent elements in that image, add the older (if I can find some good examples to use) stuff, and see what I come up with.
  7. Thanks, inoneeye, for taking the time to comment.
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  8. I like it. The people and cars in the back bring life to the image. Well framed and exposed. Just my humble opinion.
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  9. For me it works too. It has plenty of atmosphere! As @inoneeye noted, I would consider cropping a wee bit too. The reasons I suggest this are:
    - the first thing I did when viewing was to read the sign (left); having read it, it still remained a visual 'attention grabber'
    - my initial impression was that the people on the street were pretty far away
    - I also wondered what importance was of the patch of tarmac (right)

    So I experimented with a square crop that excluded the 'no stand' sign and the patch of tarmac. Only then did I really start noticing other cool things in the cropped photo, for example:
    - the line of beautifully arched windows along the top the left building
    - the nicely curved windows in the building at the end of the street
    - the covered doorway (right) became a stronger feature as - to a lesser extent - did the archway opposite

    There's much to be said for "layers" in a photo and the features I noticed later were of course in the original too. And we often try to put something in the foreground, mid-ground and background. But - for me - the street sign and tarmac were strong 'focal points' that distracted some of my attention from the architecture behind. They also didn't seem to contribute much to the 'characteristic" street scene as a whole. Cropping brought the architectural features (and the features) 'closer'.

    It might just be me but I hope my feedback is useful.

  10. Wonderful analysis Mike. I’m going to do a bit of experimenting myself. Thanks for your thoughts. JC
  11. Really nice shot. The activity at the end of the street adds to the backwater feeling. Streets like this in the East End of London, probably built at the same time. Makes me wonder how these buildings are used now, flats, business, old warehouses? Intriguing photo, hope this area is not developed. Well done Sir!
  12. Thank you! Much appreciated. Without knowing for sure, taking an educated guess, I’d say these are mostly converted living spaces now, with mixed office spaces. Just about everything in Manhattan has gentrified, TriBeCa being one of the earlier converts.
  13. Well! Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Not even reasonably ok for that matter. But!!! It was good practice, and kind of a fun thing to do.
    Thankyou JC.....Izzy

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  14. As a follow up project, this composition would be great at night after a heavy rain with streetlights glowing and reflecting on the soaked bricks. Just a thought.
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  15. That I can do. I’ll definitely do that.
  16. Anything shot with a Rollei F has a shot at excellence. Cobblestones aren't as interesting in color, are they?
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  17. They can be quite a bit more interesting in color, for example, after or during a rain when they’re reflecting streetlights and neon.

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