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  1. Monterey Bay 14b_Sea Otter_1.jpg Photos that wouldn't quite make the grade under the strict "Nature Photography" rules.
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    • The primrose path​
    • MO-StL-MBG-100316-67.jpg
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  2. Haven't tried to upload since the new site went up, so not sure if this will work as I intended. Guess the nature folk weren't really interested in further discussion on the issue (or at least the forum moderator wasn't), but while shots like these might not occur enough to have their own forum, I wholeheartedly believe they would add some interest to the "Monday in Nature" threads, What could be more natural than the way flora and fauna interact with man. robin in wheel.jpg
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  3. I have a lot of near misses - a beautiful dragonfly on a square fence post, a lizard on concrete, etc., but this one I think definitely fits the thread requirements. inadmissible bear.jpg

    One thing in this picture really is wild.
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  4. Bull moose jumping cattle fence. moose jumping fence s+.jpg
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  5. i really like that Ian but I'm not sure it wouldn't fit in the normal MIN thread :))
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  6. creeper.png

    Great idea for a thread! Here is one from me. The tree branches are definitely arranged by human hand, but the creeper made them it's home.

    Nikon N80, 28-80 f3.3-5.6, Kodak Gold 200.
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  7. The first photo in this thread is another very fine example.
    On the beach
  8. _DSC0064.jpg

    Hand of man.
  9. suble, Barry, very subtle. it works on many levels.
  10. I find these pictures way more interesting thatn normal nature shots
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  11. Thanks Norman.

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