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  1. Joined back when it was just starting out. My partner and I took great pleasure in posting our work here. We would shoot some samples on a Fri or Sat eve, post them, and almost immediately get a lot of critiques. Haven't posted here in over 12+yrs. As I recall viewers could rate an image on a 5 point scale in 3 areas, plus a critique.

    I come here to have my work evaluated by my fellow artists. Am I missing something ??? Am I NOT posting my work in the appropriate venue ??? If there is no feedback loop here, my effort to post here is in vain.

    Does this site still have a decent amount of traffic ??? I don't see much variety (traffic) when it comes to "Photo of the Day", or any other such sub-venues. I'm just trying to use ALL the available features of this site.

    Please offer any insight into my questions.

    Thanks !

  2. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Please read the instructions in Seeking Critique. That is the place to post your images for feedback, and it allows you some control over response format. Otherwise, you can post a photo in any category that it fits and specifically ask for feedback. The number of responses will vary based on the interest the image generates. Photo of the Day, Editors Choice, and some other features are in transition, hopefully to be revived soon. The site has changed several times in the last dozen years, certainly most things and people have! Wish you better luck in obtaining critiques of your images. I haven't seen any and will take a look.
  3. I don't have any info on traffic per se. There may be a lot or a little, but actual interactions about photos has gone down. That's due in large part to a redesign that originally emphasized the forums over individual portfolios. The portfolio side of the site languished for months/years in a dysfunctional state and many active members left. Though there's been improvements to portfolios, many years-long members have not returned and little is being done to encourage new people to participate. One of the worst aspects is how much difficulty new members have with getting their new membership approved. Some have waited months for approval of their accounts and, while waiting, their photos aren't viewable and they can only participate in forums, not critiques or portfolios, until approval takes place. There is no reasonable way to contact administration directly, people are often charged for recurring memberships they never approved, and administration has no face and no presence here. Also, and it's a big part of things, social media has drawn a lot of people to places like Facebook and Instagram and this site has declined in participation due to that as well. The site as currently configured doesn’t offer the contemporary photographer much. It would take vision, technical ability, and imagination to create a site that matters. The current administration, if there even is one, lacks all of the above.

    That said, there are still some great people around and some fun forums to check out. You can submit photos for critique but, unless you reach out by critiquing others and even asking people directly to take a look at your work, you’re unlikely to get much feedback. I’ve always found that mutual interaction is the best way to encourage dialogue. Since you spoke up, which I appreciate, I’ll head over and comment on a photo of yours.
  4. Another thing I would like to address is the concept of how to have a direct dialogue with fellow members. EVERY other Forum I belong to has a concept of PMs (Personal Messages). This allows members to have conversations on a more individual level. I have made several friends that I eventually met FTF as a result of this concept. Is there a feature here where I can contact other members to share insights and experiences ???
  5. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Click on the member avatar and private message.
  6. William Michael

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    In consideration of the now different usability of Mk2, and specifically in regard to members seeking and acquiring feedback on their images; I reckon that the FORUM "Seeking Critique" LINK HERE has been, and continues to be way underutilized since its inception in April 2019.

    Apropos statistics, in that Forum there have been about 170 images posted for critique and at a rough average (when I last counted) each receives an average of 8 comments. Anecdotally that average has increased recently.

    Additionally, speaking for myself, when I look at any Opening Post in the Seeking Critique Forum I always interrogate that user's full Portfolio, as the entrée into their other works. My guess is that I am not the only one who has this procedure.

    Moreover "Seeking Critique" has reaped (mostly always) quality and thoughtful detailed critique and comment in an interactive manner - if that is what you want, then consider using it.

  7. I came into the computer age kicking and screaming against it. I don't have a Social Media presence. I finally got a Flip Phone 5 yrs ago, and am still using it. Call me a "Fossil", if you will. Today I use a computer daily, and am somewhat good at navigating, however, I don't attempt any downloading (except for PDF catalogs) or installing programs because I usually screw up and have to get outside help recovering the error.

    That being said, from my POV things do NOT get better with age, just more complicated IMHO. I'm more of a Videographer anymore, and am trying to exploit any value my vast collection of images might have as Stock Photos for book covers, album covers, posters, ... etc. I first came to in 2004 when I was hanging pieces in local Alternative Galleries 5-6 times each year for 5 yrs. I came here for feedback from what was an eager audience back then. I know what I like in an image, but I felt that getting critiques from strangers on an International stage was gratifying.

    Back then I could do a shoot on a Fri/Sat evening, crop 'em and post 'em hot out of the camera, and get 6 (on the average) critiques in the next hour without asking for it. Photos were rated on a 1-5 scale (5 being excellent) for "Aesthetics" and "Originality". There was also a list for names of the Members that critiqued them (but NOT how they rated them), also an area for actual comments. The results were averaged and posted as well. Quite a useful tool to determine which pics had broader appeal. This site felt a 3/3 average was better than average photo.

    For myself, I consider this site difficult to navigate, and hard to understand. I post exclusively in the "Nude and Erotic" sub-forum so that I don't have Brain-Fade deciding which of my images may offend mainstream folks. I do that because I don't want to offend feelings. Why is it that when I search "N&E", 90% of the images are anything but ???

    I can see the need to have discussion Forums regarding ALL facets of Photography. I however, do not need that type of input at this point in my life. I DO miss the "OLD DAYS", and came back here thinking that there would be some semblance of it's old self.

    Thanks for what you do do ! ;)
  8. In the spirit I thought you were posting, I offered you a "critique from stranger" on a photo you titled "salt peter." That was the best I could do. How and whether you respond to that our reciprocate is up to you.
  9. A lot of the top photographers who were here just a year or two ago have left. Not much left now days. Lots of birds and flowers and little interaction like 5-10 years ago.
  10. I'm moving to Deviant Art. Will be back now and then.
  11. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

  12. Bart...Will miss your work!Hope Deviant Art works out for you...Take care!
  13. In my view, maintaining a presence in both is probably the best answer ..

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