Not enough memory (RAM) to run photoshop

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by andywebster, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. None of the responses Google pulled in seem to help with this problem
    so perhaps someone on this board will know?

    When I try to start PS 5.5 I get the error mssg:

    Not enough memory (RAM) to launch Photoshop

    There is 256Meg RAM and a little prog called Cleanram tells me there
    is at least 171meg available. No other apps are running. Processor is
    (grin) 400mHz (I'm a slow worker....) Virtual mem is set to windows
    management, running WinME. It HAS run on this machine before. WinME
    has recently been re installed, so has PS 5.5....... any wisdom??

    Many thanks in anticipation
  2. The processor isn't a problem, it's 256meg of RAM with Microsoft's 3rd generation enhanced DOS shell 32-bit GUI emulator called Windows ME that's the problem. Windows 2000 plus a RAM upgrade will fix this.

    Assuming it worked before means you've had to re-install some Windows OS, likely ME - See advice above.

    You can probably fix this by manually forcing the Windows swap file to a manual gig minimum/maximum, reboot, and then set Photoshop's memory utilization to 80-90%.

    Then, disable CleanRam becuase all these utilities do is compete with system resources.
  3. any wisdom??

    Get more memory. At the very least, you should add another 256mb of memory. And Photoshop will run faster because of less disk access.
  4. How big is your hard drive? I'm really not a big expert on computers, but I recall my difficulty in running Photoshop when I upgraded to 7.0.1 from 5.0 with only a 10GB hard drive but with a increase of memory to 512MB. Because of the difficulty of running the scanner from Photoshop, I did an upgrade of increasing the RAM to 768 and changing the drive to 40GB. However, my processor is PIII 600MHz and my OS is still Win98SE, which, I suspect, does not take up much space nor memory as WinME.

    Your upgrade might be limited by the hardware you have. It is sometimes better off to have OS and hardware in the same vintage.
  5. Thanks to each of you for the fast response.

    Scott - I set the swapfile (I guess that's virtual memory) to min 1000 and max 1000, reboot and it's just the same. I might not have made myself clear in the original post but the problem is that PS won't even start (launch), all I get is the error message I mentioned. It's not a useability prob - it just won't start!

    I know this system will labour under the most modest PS tasks but this is my FIRST foray into digital. I want to test the water first.
  6. Here we have about 4 win98se boxes that have only 256megs of ram; they run from 400 to 566Mhz; are Celerons. The slowest 400Mhz box is not web connected; and is used to make make minor retouching. We have had no problems at all with 20 to 40 meg files. It is a clean box; with only Photoshop 3; 5.5; 7.0; and a few office programs. The second logical drive now has win2000; and CS added. With a clean win9x box; not web connected; we have had zero problems. One other 566Mhz celeron that is web connected has a radically more memory problems; and requires a reboot at times to clear the memory hosing issues of the lamer Win9X products.<BR><BR>I tried the maxmem mory free up program by analog-x; it says it frees up memory; but the win9X web conected boxes still require rebooting. <BR><BR>Getting a win2000 system radically reduces memory problems. <BR><Br>Our non web connected win98se box with 256megs has only been rebooted maybe every month; and it gets used every day with 30 meg files in PS 5.5 and 7.0. <BR><BR>Our 566Mhz win98se box with 256megs is used alot on the web; and requires a constant ad aware se personel scans each day; requires Norton antivirus; requires spybot; just to exist. A reboot each day is the norm ; it gets about 1000 + spam emails a week.<BR><BR>Our experience is that cluttered; web connected boxes that have multiple users require regular reboots with win 98se. Our experience is that clear PS only win98se boxes can go months with no memory problems. <BR><BR>WinMe is not my bag at all.<BR><BR>
  7. One of our web connected old win98se boxes took a major slowdown at the end of august. A file that started with a zy something .exe would appear in the bowels of windows; and as a running task; and the entire computer would radically bog. The file date was always aug 23,2004. We did a web search on google; and NO hits appeared. Norton 2004 pro; adWARE; AND SPYBOT didnt find it; or fix it in august. I did a search by date; and found the exe file. If the file was deleted; all was ok; computer had no bog at all. The file would reappear about every day. One of the 3 programs must have removed the seed; and the system is now all ok. Alot of fun; when all IE updates are in place; and the other stuff too. <BR><BR>Ad Aware SE personal 1.05 must have a much better filter; it catches alot more crud.<BR><BR>Here some of our older boxes are hardware limited to 256megs; the non web connected have ZERO memory problems. My bet is that you have some hidden gunk hogging memory; or a settup issue. WinMe is not great; but PS still load and work.
  8. does scandisk and defrag run?
    if the partition is too big it may not. or something may be hogging memory .you don't know the max memory limit of that motherboard
    my wife's amd 450 only accepts 384 megs of ram. so don't assume 512 will fix things.
    there is a pc mag util called startcop. it allows you to turn off but not delete startup utils and apps. every application is in there and all take SOME memory. and some apps you may not recognize.
    it is safe as you make the unwanted apps YELLOW and reboot.
    red will cause them to be removed from startup.
  9. Andy. I'm afraid I can't help you with your problem, but I'll just tell you what I've been running PS7 on for the last year: Pentium 2 266Mhz (512k CPU Cache) 288RAM. 6.4 HDD. WIN ME. It runs beautifully on files up to about 50MB, after that the HDD takes a bit of a battering, but it still works fine.

    There's been a lot of discussion on here recently about this subject and one guy, with a system considerably bigger than mine reckons he can make a cup of coffee and a sandwich while PS revolves a 50MB file a few degrees, mine does 90-degrees in about 3-seconds. What's going on here?

    All I can think is, that, a lot of these systems must be bogged down with a lot of crap and they are just going round in circles. I reinstall everything on mine about every three months right from square one, maybe that helps.

    I'm in the process of looking for a new machine at the moment, but I'd love to get to the bottom of this conundrum. By the way my old heap opens PS in about 20-seconds the second time and with XP installed it does it even quicker. There's another anomaly.

    Good luck
  10. "Microsoft's 3rd generation enhanced DOS shell 32-bit GUI emulator called Windows ME"

  11. I've thought of a couple of things you might look at and consider since I wrote the above. Straight after you boot up go to CONTROL PANEL/SYSTEM/PERFORMANCE and see what 'System Resourses' reads. Mine usually reads about 82% free and then drops to 71% when I open PS7. Yours will obviously read slightly different, because of the difference in our system specs and editions of PS, but this might give you a hint if there is anything wrong.

    The other thing is, if you are reinstalling ME over your present copy its probably saving the program or file that may be causing the problem. Have you got a system restore pack. Ifso that will get you right back to square one, as the machine came from the factory. I suspect that PS would probably open and run OK then. If you try this method, make sure you have copies of all Progs and Files you want keep.

    Hope this helps
  12. I always consider a good STARTING point for ram when the primary use for the computer is picture manipulation, is 1 gig.
  13. I still want to know how long it takes you guys to load a capture card full of a few dozen 3000x2000 images on these piece of *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* Pentium 2's running Win95 SP3 (Windows ME). Why bother with USB2 either when the system BUS can't keep up. The time you guys spend keeping these systems operational is time I can be out taking pictures. Talk about penny wise and dollar dumb.

    Unless I'm running DOS, I frequently multi-task and actually have more than one image open. I've seen Windows ME crash when an e-mail was recieved because the mail notification pop-up coulnd't get enough priority.

    Gee, make sure you have any un-necessary TSR's and drivers removed from autoexec.bat and config.sys as well via sysedit. Don't forget about memmaker, EMM386.exe, and loading Windows via WIN.COM /F
  14. Well thanx everyone for all the interesting and informative responses to my question - I'm not being in the least bit fascetious, I am grateful for your help. But PS still won't START for me and it seems the thread has lurched away into operational matters such as speed of manipulation.... I would LOVE to have speed problems. Those I could deal with. My problem is that PS will not even launch.

    My thoughts, such as they are:

    One of the first things PS must do when launched is look for a value in the computer which it checks against it's operational requirements. That value may be physical (RAM available, HD space etc) or it may be an entry in a file. In my case PS finds a value which it decides is insufficient for its needs and WON'T EVEN TRY TO LAUNCH.

    I feel that the value it looks for is probably a file somewhere because my system is the same as it has always been physically.

    So I reckon the question has to be - What does PS check for before starting and where does it look for it? What (incorrect) value would cause it to return the mssg "Not enough memory (RAM) to launch Photoshop"

    I would completely understand if your patience dwindled and this thread expired at this stage.....

  15. The comment about checking CONTROL PANEL/SYSTEM/PERFORMANCE is good. I have found that the memory free-ing programs often show a radical cleanup of memory; and the percent show in PERFORMANCE changes little or none. The jury is out here with these memory cleanup programs; here I have used them aabit; and have gotten mixed results.<BR><BR> A win2000 box works a heck of alot better with multitasking; and will save you alot of time in the long run. <BR><BR>Here some of my older boxes now have win2000 in the next logical drive; as a dual boot unit. This works well; but one needs to reload and hunt drivers; if one has odd hardware. Overall win2000 is alot better; the task manager of NT4; win2000; etc clearly shows the resources being used/hogged.<BR><BR>Older boxes are used here for dedicated scan stations; retouching boxes; were the computer needs are less than a power user box for giant files or batch. <BR><BR>In one old box type we can vary the CPU's used from 120Mhz to 333Mhz (clock ratio; bus ratio; overdive CPU); the ram from 16megs to 512 megs; and use dual processors too. When theses were state of the art LONG ago; they were our top boxes. Now they serve as dedicated scan boxes; and retouching boxes; mostly using win2000. These are PentiumPro or P2 CPU; our boxes read/write to the hda's alot quicker with win2000; probably since they were designed for NT4 from the start. Some of these had NT4.0 when new; and used PS 3.0; and 64megs of ram. It is interesting that these boxes had a USB port in 1996; and a never used infrared port.<BR><BR>
  16. The lowest ram I have seen Photoshop 2.5 or 3 used was on a windows 3.0 box with 1 or 2 megs or ram. This is slow poke snail; sublight speed. The Microsoft Windows Version 3.0 reatin box we have here has a memory requirement of 640K conventional; and recomends 256 extended memory; and a 286 processor! BUT they recommend a 386 processor; for you power users! If your box then had 1 meg of extended memory; then you could use the HDA's memory too.
  17. Andy,

    So what else has changed since PS previously worked on this machine?

    When did you install Cleanram? Could it cause the problem?

    How much free space do you have on your hard drive?
  18. Try uninstalling and reinstalling PS.

    I agree with others' remarks about ME. I downgraded back to 98SE and that right there cleared up a lot of problems (however I rarely use PS on 98).

    The fastest and most stable OS I've run PS on is NT4, but that may be due to my slot-A vintage hardware. 2K seems to use considerably more system resources, such as memory.
  19. Response - Marc Bergman

    Hi marc, there is around 12 gig free on HD. Lots of progs have been installed and removed in the meantime, including cleanram, and if you're wondering if one of them has left a trace, like a root dir entry or registry value which is causing this then yes I think I would agree but which one.....?? What is PS seeing that it doesn't like??
  20. Scott, Just to answer your question although it doesn't help Andy one bit, I suppose it would probably take about 4-minutes to load say 3-dozen 2048 x 1536 images, certainly not much longer and maybe less.

    Andy, Don't worry! These discussions often go off at tangent. They usually come back again. The reason I asked you to check your System Resources reading was to see if anything else might be hogging the computer, there's so much junk around now. Mine reads 82% free straight after bootup with nothing else running
  21. Response for John Bright

    Thank you, John.

    After Iget the dreaded "Not enough memory....." mssg I checked the system usage as you suggest and get a report of 93% free. Looking in the shutdown window after cntrl-alt-del I see that only explorer and control panel are up.....

    Still struggling...
  22. In windows-speak, 'resources' is not memory. resources are things like buttons, scrollbars, text strings, toolbars, windows etc... so that when windows reports 93% free resources, its not 93% free memory, but instead its only used 7% of its total resource pool for buttons, windows, scrollies, etc...

    I would seriously ditch WinME. I have used photoshop 5.5 on Win2000 computers with only 128mb of memory, and it had worked fine (albeit slowly)

    Another possibility is that you have spyware or trojans loaded that mess with your free memory pool.

    Another question: Is this a legit. copy of photoshop, or a hacked copy? Sometimes the hacked copies aren't totally compatible and can cause funny problems.
  23. It's a legit copy. I loaded it to my laptop, a 266 with only 64Meg RAM and it worked fine. Slow but no error message at launch. I've also reinstalled ME again, makes no diff.

    Thanks to everyone who helped on this! I'm not going to give up, I'll post it at a couple of specialist PS sites and if I get it resolved I'll post it back here so others can hit it in a search.
    Thanks again - Andy
  24. Praise be, I finally got an answer for you to this one. Heck, I even have PS3.5 now running like a champ on Windows XP...
    2 years and I found it by accident.
    This is a program problem. PS5.5 and earlier, [probably some later versions too] Fail in it's calculation of the available Virtual Memory in Windows [also called the SWAP file size -- and, also called "page file"].
    A small example would be that it reports a virtual memory size of 1024mb as 100 (sometimes less)mb's. You need at least 10% of Virtual Memory for PS5.5

    If you have the room on your HD you need to change the Windows Virtual Memory to a size PS will see as enough. DO NOT let Windows handle the Virtual memory on its' own, use the custom memory size.

    I changed mine from 1534mb (the Windows handled size) to
    3072mb - Minium AND Maximum size -. [btw, -- even 2048mb gives the error, has to be over 3000mb before it reports a usable value]
    When I did this my PS35 and PS55 no longer had the error and worked fine.

    I've tried it on all of my machines and a few neighbors machines.
    In Windows ME, XP, XP pro, 2003, and it even works with the pre-release of Windows Vista RC2 with Aero.

    JFYI ---
    This same error also occurred in my CS2. Adobe tech was no help, in fact it puzzled him too.
    The same above fix also worked for my CS2.

    Since you now have a very large page file, alot of sensitive information is in there and will be left over when yo Shutdown. Get the fix from Microsoft to clear the Page file size/Swap file size on shutdown for your version of Windows.

    For a Quickie Reference:
    Depending on your Version of Windows, the Virtual Memory is called 3 different things (they all mean the same thing)
    Virtual Memory = Windows SWAP file = PAGE file
    You MUST change the Minium AND Maxium size to over 3000mb
  25. The answer by "James Robbins, Oct 22, 2006; 09:40 p.m." is the correct one! Solved mine instantly. I'm running PS 3.0 on Win2000Pro on Dell 1.8 gigahertz machine with 767mb RAM, 325 GB HDD. PS 3.0 wouldn't start until I changed the Virtual Memory to 3072/3072 as James instructed. Started up first time.

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