Not a question but sharing a find: David Graham

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by beeman458, May 17, 2007.

  1. Always being late to the party, if I make it to the party at all, I picked up an
    old album by Van Halen, "LIVE: Right here, right now." with photo cover art by
    David Graham. Sharing a link to his site.

    Enjoy! :)
  2. Thomas, I thought I recognized the Monroe pic. I enjoyed a series of his on photo-eye. Go here:
  3. Thanks for the link. It's been some fourteen years since the album cover. I'll have to look for one of his shows as his work is too me, very enjoyable if just for how he juxtapositions (including manipulating) environmental reality with his portraits and other subject matter.

    Link to Wikipedia which has the cover art which caught my attention.,_Right_Now
  4. It seems one has to live in the moment of this contemporary photographic world in order to understand or appreciate what you're seeing when compared to "traditional" pictorial photographic styles.

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