Not a 35-105mm? (OM)

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by jenny_jaques, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. A couple of weeks ago on this thread: , members were offering comments
    about their favourite OM lenses.

    I had been trying to find out here'n'there what preferences folk may have for either the f3.6 or the
    f3.5-4.5 35-70mm zoom lens. Interesting that no-one had even mentioned the 35-105 zoom.

    Any feedback welcome. I'm going to help a young fellow build on his OM10 with 50mm f1.8 outfit.

  2. You won't be disappointed in the 35-105mm zoom. very sharp and has a macro mode. John,
  3. Moving away from a zuiko, I really love my Tamron 35-70/3.5. It is tiny, a hair larger then the zuiko 35-70/3.5-4.5, a bit lighter then the constant f/3.6 zuiko and a bit heavier then the 3.5-4.5. It has a close focus distance of about half of either (9.8", for a reproduction size of 1:2.8), its also faster then either zuiko lens, a constant aperature and has great sharpness at all focal lengths. Its also cheaper then either zuiko lens (I purchased mine from KEH for around $55 if you include shipping and getting an OM adaptall-2 adapter from Ebay)
  4. My favorite "walking around" lens for my OM2S.
  5. I have both the 35-70, f3.6, and the 35-105 Zuiko zooms.

    The 35-70, f3.6. A superb lens, both as regards build and optical quality. One of the top two zooms ever produced by Olympus, only bettered by the extremely expensive 35-80, f2.8. It might be considered a bit on the heavier side by some but remember that this is a real "professional" quality lens. Make sure that you get the correct hood for this lens, (not the one for the f4 lens).

    The 35-105. A relative newcomer to my "stable" but so far, very promising. Perhaps, IMHO, it does not quite have the optical quality of the 35-70, f3.6, but it does have a very handy wider zoom range and the macro facility. Once again, excellent build quality.

    Whichever you may chose, Jenny, feel satisfied that you will have a typical Zuiko quality lens.
  6. One reason that the Olympus fan-boys usually don't mention the 35-105 lens is that it was a run-of-the-mill (good) lens which hasn't differentiated itself from the many others (Nikon, Yashica, Minolta=Tokina, Mamiya, Osawa, Rollei, Makina, Osawa, Sigma) introduced at around the same time: all had a similar size and weight, and the close focus ability (hated by some, loved by others). The Canon fan-boys can at least point out that "their" corresponding FD lens had the first glass molded aspheric element.
  7. This has become a very helpful lesson. Thank you.

    I'm really getting into this now, and wouldn't mind building an outfit for myself. Hmmm ...
  8. OM glass is addictive Jenny.... Zuikoholism I think it's called. Be careful or you will turn into a Maitanite!
  9. I have 35-105, and I tested it against Canon 28-105 and Tokina 28-105 on Canon DSLR and the Zuiko came out the best - crisp contrasty images.

    It's my only Zuiko zoom, although I'd like to get the 28-48 some time in the future.
  10. "Zuikoholism" ? ... whatever you call it ... it doesn't threaten ones personal finances the way Leitzaddiction does.

    Expanding on your advice here, I've ben doing some further research. (Think I'm hooked.)

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