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  1. Anyone has a picture... where I can see how difficult is the climb up to the North
    Window (shooting the Turret Arch) or can explain the hike. Is there enough space
    to place a tripod?

    I ask... because I have problems with my vertigo.

    Thx for comments.
  2. It is not difficult to hike into either the north or south windows. there is plenty of room for a tripod.

    i too have vertigo problems and have never had any issues at the windows. you basically remain on relatively open ground to get to either window. there is no hiking across fins or narrow ledges to get to the windows.

    enjoy arches!
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    I have an image in my Utah article:

    Do you mean climbing on top of the Windows arch?
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    Its a tiny bit of a scramble through the window and down the other side then up to the viewpoint,but nothing either in height or difficulty that you could call a climb. The viewpoint itself is not a precipice. There is room for a handful of people and tripods on the ledge. Possibly the biggest danger is arriving just before sunrise and finding the place already populated- or getting there after sunset and making your way through the window when people are trying to photograph.
  5. If you get there during/after sunrise, you should walk around the arch (go right where the trail splits, one trail going up thru the arch and one going around to the back side). This will put you at the same end point as walking thru the arch and you wont be in the photo's. There is one view point that requires climbing you a bit, but is not required for a good view (just somewhat different view.

  6. Instead of going there where it is full of others trying to take the same old photo why not hike around a bit and find another location that is seldom visited?
  7. Claus,

    There is room for three tripods and people and still be comfortable if you are thinking
    of the standard shot that includes the North Window opening and Turret Arch.

    It might also present somewhat of a problem for those with vertigo. You have to
    climb a small ledge and cross it to get the best view of Turret. the drop off is about
    20 feet but easily doable, just don't look down.

    Another point to keep in mind, this is usually a winter shot when the sun is to the

  8. Anyone can tell me what focal length works best, when I shoot thru the North Window.
    Is the 12-24 a good choice with the North Window as frame or should I use a longer

    I use a Nikon D300 (crop 1,5).
  9. When I was there in October 2006, there was a sign saying that climbing to the North
    Window was prohibited. I didn't pursue it because Turret Arch through North Window
    wasn't a shot I personally was interested in.

    Has that prohibition been lifted now?
  10. Another arch recently partially collapsed after it was climbed on. For the safety of the arch and the visitor I hope there is still a ban climbing on arches.
  11. The 12-24mm lens on the D300 would be a good choice. On a full frame 35mm camera my favorite was about 24mm.
  12. Hi Claus, I have shot Arches National Park Many many times. There are no restrictions in place at this time to hike up to North window. It is very easy to get to. Once you arrive to the park, get a map and after arriving at the parking area for the "Windows Section" where North and South Windows are located, you will hike approximately 1/4 mile up to the Window on a well maintained dirt path. You will need at least a 12-24mm wide angle lens. A 24mm isn't quite wide enough to shoot the arch but you can still get a decent shot with a 24mm but I'd recommend something wider. Once you arrive to North Window, you can go through North Window and climb down the other side and you will see a rock ledge on the other side of North Window. Go to the other side of North Window and climb up to the small ledge. Once you get over there, you will have the perfect view of Turret Arch viewed through North Window. You will also be able to shoot South Window from the back side from that vantage point as well. If you look at my porfolio, I have some images of North and South Window and Turret Arch viewed through North Window. Turret Arch shot through North Window is best shot at sunrise so you can get the early light shinning off the back side of North Window. Be sure to keep track of the weather forecast before going as Arches National Park gets a lot of overcast weather in the morning then usually clears out by noon. You can also shoot that same senerio for a sunset shot but you wont get the light shinning off North Window because the sun when it sets will now be on the front side of the Window. I am very familiar with Arches so if you should have any further questions or if you want other shooting spots and the best time to shoot them, please feel free to email me and I'd be more then happy to help you out. Take care.

    -Erik Barnes

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