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  1. Hello-
    (This is my first post.) I'm a new and young "photographer" (if I can call myself one yet) and I was introduced to studio lighting this year. I've been using Bowens strobes at my school. Here's my flickr link if you wanted to see some of my work. Anyways, I want to get some studio lights, and I know someone trying to get rid of his Norman 4 Light kit:
    SKU 812937
    Model MLKIT2000
    Includes 2 ML600, 2 ML400 Monolights, 2 RSB2432 24" x 32" Soft Boxes, 1 STSB1036" 10" x 36" Soft Box with Speed Rings, 3 LS226-1 12' 9" Heavy Duty Light Stands, 1 LS220-1 Background Stand, 1 LS230 Boom Arm, and 1 7BR Background Light Reflector.
    According to it's retail value is $3925 in March 2009. The seller says it's 6 months old and has only been through about 8 photoshoots. First, what's the most I should pay for this? At what price should I try to get it for? Also, how do these compare to Bowens strobes?
    Thanks for your help!!
  2. Hello Admins-
    Maybe this thread should be moved to Lighting? I wasn't sure cause it seemed like a beginner question.
    Thanks in advance!
  3. Allot of photographers have tons of lighting equipment sitting in their closets collecting dust. For someone just starting out, are you sure you are going to need all that stuff. What type of pictures do you plan to take and what is the size of your studio if any ?
    Norman makes very good flashes, the ML600 and ML400 were on the top of my lisst when i was looking for lighting gear. Norman gear is rugged and built to last that usually comes with a higher mark-up than other units. Their accessories are also a bit on the expensive side. Also talking to customer servic e is like trying to break into Fort Knox, I mean they are not very accesible last time I dealt with them, but that might have changed.
    Not sure what you should pay for this kit, but you are talking $3000 easy.
  4. Looking over the equipment again I would say $2000 would be closer to a fair price since it's used.
  5. He's a pretty trustworthy guy, and he said its only 6 months old and used through about 8 shoots. The lowest he wants to go is 3500. It also includes a drum bag (to carry the equipment) and a standard backdrop stand.
    Is this waay too high in your opinion?

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