Norman 200B internals

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by g(uk), Dec 24, 2020.

  1. _GUK3616.JPG Have two units both with dead capacitors, On opening up I see two blue items both the same size. I recognise they are capacitors 500v 400uf But also one large red? what is this? thanks g
  2. Wow! Looks like somebody found an old lunch-box and decided to build a flash power supply in it.

    That big red thing is either a partly-sliced salami left in the lunch box, or another capacitor.

    Seriously, it'll be another capacitor, of about twice the value of the blue ones. The capacitors are split in value to make power level switching easier.
  3. Cheers RJ1 from the UK
  4. It makes sense to have 3 capacitors as the power output can be selected as 50, 100 and 200WS. For 50WS only one of the blue capacitor is used. For 100WS perhaps both the blue ones or just the one. For 200WS all of them are used.
  5. When even a cheap YN560 speedlight has an energy of 75 watt-seconds these days, a big tin box that only delivers 200 w-s looks a bit under powered.

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