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    Most film cassettes are reloadable, to name a few

    Minox cassette, Yashica cassette, Kiev 16 cassette, Edixa 16 cassette, Gami 16 cassette, Meopta Mikroma cassette
    Bolta Photavit camera cassette...

    Once upon a time, Kodak 35mm cassette also had removable caps, hence reloadable

    Since when Kodak clamp the cap tight, made 35mm film cassette not reloable ?

    Any other not reloadable film cassettes?
  2. I've never known the Kodak factory cassettes to ever be reloadable without going to a good bit of trouble. They are clamped on tightly and don't let go easily without using a bottle opener or other tool and this has been true since the 70's at least.

    Rick H.
  3. From another thread, about 1964. In 1967, I had some old ones that were not crimped, from my father.

    A few years ago, I got two rolls of Tri-X 24 exposure, with the tab barely sticking out. Assuming that they had been exposed, I developed one. No pictures, but also very little fog. (They also were not in cans or sealed bags.) Both are in uncrimped cassettes. Someday I will use the other ond.
  4. Used factory cassettes can be reloaded,without problems. Providing you use caution. If the stub of film is evident,a length of 70mm of packing tape will provide a double-sided bond to your film of choice. Factory crimped cassette ends can be removed and replaced if you use gentle,progressive pressure to ease the crimped cap off. You can tell if you applied too much force,because the end cap will be distorted. All going well, the cap can be replaced with a few taps, and a few drops of superglue,though this may be overkill.
  5. Kodak cassettes were easily reloadable until they started crimping the ends in the early '60s
  6. Actually, I have a device made by Honeywell that removes crimped caps without damage. The caps can be put back on crimped Kodak cassettes when they are removed without damage. It is / was not worth the trouble except in an emergency, since various manufacturers continued producing reloadable cassettes after Kodak began crimping. After market reloadable cassettes were and are still available, inexpensive and very long lasting. I'll post a photo of the gadget when I have time to go down and find it.
  7. Snap-Caps are easy to find on eBay, and not all that expensive. I don't know if they are still being made.

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