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  1. Where do i find a cheap backdrop store or material store in NYC? I want non reflective black.
    Maybe white as well.
  2. All black backgrounds will reflect light to some extent as there is no such thing as a material that is 100% absorptive. The best is the black felt material that photo stores sell, but it is very expensive and flakes very easily.

    I setteled on black material from a material store and then try to keep light off of it as much as possible. The material I found comes in 102" width and since I needed it for a wide background, I used iron on glue tape to glue two pieces together. Even though it cost me around $80 that's still a lot cheaper that the hundreds it would have cost for the offical photo black material, and it's a lot tougher too.

    As for location, only the larger material stores tend to carry such wide widths. Just look in the Yellow Pages and call around.

    Good luck. Mike
  3. Look at theatrical supply houses for commando cloth, but the above advice is correct. The most important thing is light control. You can make a white sheet record as black if your ratios and light placement is correct... t
  4. Look Here...They have slow shipping, but you could get a raw muslin for about $15.00 (10x12), and dye it black yourself. Read their feedback. The shipping takes about three weeks, and one of my packages were lost. They did replace it, but it took about 30 days to get it. All in all, I will buy from them again. Mike
  5. I've tried to dye muslin black... grey is what you will get. I ended up painting it with a mix of 1/3 Roscoe Super Black Theatrical Set Paint, 1/3 Elmers Glue and 1/3 water. It's worked great for years, but must be rolled on an old carpet core... t
  6. I had black material back 25 years ago that was as close to non-reflective black as you can get and it was very, very close to non-reflective.
    I sat products on it, then slammed it with Speedotron Blackline 2401s, tons of light and there was nothing but deep dark NOTHINGNESS.
    It used to be very popular and most of the PRO camera shops either had it or could order it. I think DENNYS Company has it or can order it.
    It's out there, so black it looks like a black hole, nothing but emptiness. It is expensive though.
    It had a nickname like Negative Black or something like that.

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