Non-contrast and non-sharp 35 and 50 ltm lenses

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  1. Look for a Tiffen #611 adapter ring- they go unnoticed on Ebay. Allows use of a Series VI filter and Vented Hood. This is what I use on the Summarit and Xenon.

    As you cannot decide to keep both lenses, "KEEP THEM". Only two lenses? That was easy.

    Now- if you want to try something inexpensive for your Leica, look at some of the older Russian lenses.

    Industar-26m, CLA and Test

    My "Keeper", made in 1957- like me.

    Industar-26m #2, Earlier Fed, 1957

    The I-26m is a good Tessar copy.
  2. Oh I like tessars, never knew the i-26m is a copy of that! Thanks :)
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  3. Eh, gonna stick with what I have. Gonna try developing for a bit shorter, hope it'll make the photos less contrasty, will it?
  4. Justin, that gets into a whole new set of parameters to consider. You might want to take a digital stroll over to the film/development threads for that. Pushing mid-tones to achieve less density (gamma) is definitely doable with development, but it depends as well on your film, developer and conditions, as well as if you print or scan.
    Best of luck with decisions you make on this.
  5. Thanks :) gonna stick with what I have
  6. A beater Elmar 50mm with a scratched up front element and internal haze/fungus ought to get you what you're looking for.
  7. Quite hard to find tbh, gonna see if developing less + less agitation would do the work
  8. There are cheaper choices out there that have aged better than the Summar, have the same 1-2-2-1 configuration as the Summar, flare less than the Summar. The Canon 50/1.9 Serenar would be a good choice, and is cheap enough that you can keep what you have and pay for it by mowing a few lawns in the neighborhood. It is collapsible, and is hard coated. It should give the look you want without giving up what you have. Having one lens would be like a Painter having one brush. Add a Serenar 50/1.9 for a low-contrast look, keep the Summicron, get a Sonnar. The latter- Get a Jupiter-8, maybe mow an extra lawn.
  9. Hmm is it really worth it? Should I just stick with what I have as usual?
  10. You are on this forum, and I believe others with this same question. The only way to find out is to pick up some alternative lenses and try them out. Many of these lenses are dirt cheap. I pick some up for as little as $10, take them apart, and make them usable. A couple of tools are required, not that hard to do. Less time taking an I-26m apart than this debate took!

    So- curiosity can be satisfied on the cheap, always worth it.
  11. Not here in Hong Kong! Everything is expensive, even on ebay
  12. Do you have to pay an large import tax? I've shipped to Hong Kong before, "1st Class International" for 1pound is $22 these days, much higher than a few years ago.
  13. No tax, that's expensive for me haha
  14. If $22 is expensive for you: hold onto the Summicron, it will be a long time before you can afford another one. Be happy that you have it, use it well.
  15. [FONT=verdana, geneva, lucida, lucida grande, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]I don't know, I'm up for vintage looks, but for some reason I just don't wanna sell my cron![/FONT]
  16. Yea gonna stick with what I have as always..
  17. Kodak Series VI Pictorial Diffusion filter, plus appropriate adapters to Series VI.

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