Nokia 808 Pureview

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by tony_leinster, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Now available at an Amazon near you. The 41 MP smartphone. Yes it does use 7 pixels to produce 1 but very clever none the less. Is this the way forward for cameras, probably IMO. Very similar to some systems in use already and I will be interested to see some prints from one.
  2. Unlike a lot of other things we hear about, this is now real. I am not excited about the 16:9 screen, but (until I own one) there is little else to complain about. Old thread about the 808:
  3. there is little else to complain about​
    Just one, the symbian OS. Only if they used android/iOS, I'd buy one today...
  4. iOS is impossible for them and Android is extremely unlikely within 2-3 years. But if they would at least put it into a new top of the line Windows phone that would give it at least a small chance. This just shows that Nokia has completely lost their way and when someone gives them a GPS to show where to go they put it in the pocket without even turning it on still thinking that they are not lost.

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