Noisy DSLRs at Reagan funeral

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  1. OK, after hearing the loud whirling and clacking sound of digital
    SLRs at the Reagan funeral yesterday evening I think it is high
    time someone get on with the digital M camera. It's too bad the
    better point and shoots don't have better shutter response and
    better high ISO noise levels as these cameras work great in
    situations (court rooms, funerals, etc.) where noise is frowned
    upon. Thoughts?
  2. A bunch of years ago (late 1970's?) the Miami-Dade County Courts decided that you could only photograph inside a court room with a camera no louder than an M Leica, and it actually stated "Leica".
  3. EricM

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    Thoughts? I think you complain to much. 20 years ago it would of been F3's with MD4's.
  4. Not as bad as the 'stadium optimists' who dazzle all those around them in the audience at major nighttime events by using the flash on their P&S cameras in the sure knowledge that their flash is equal in output to a battery of floodlights.

    They end up with overexposed/out of focus backs of heads and dim, dark, distant, shaky backgrounds despite being convinced at the time that THEY were taking prize winning action shots! They also end up angering people whose wide open (nighttime adjusted) pupils catch the full close range intensity of the flash!
  5. I've seen Leicas during the testimonies of C. Rise, Ashcroft etc, i haven't seen any cameras at all for Reagan's events.

    I took my Leica to a townhall meeting where people were protesting zoning laws... performed flawlessly, the only noticeable sound was below 1/30 shutter speed.
  6. It is not chutter clack is it mirror slap
  7. To bad Reagan has passed away, otherwise he could have signed a
    legislation which outlaws noisy cameras and use of flash forever.
  8. If they made load whirling sounds why would you think they are DSLRs and not SLRs. DSLRs don't make whirling sounds.

    DSLRs do have shutters. That is why they clack.

    The shutter on my 10D makes a soft clack.
  9. Oh and those 'Pushy Parent' types with the jumbo sized PRO videocams at school plays who are standing on top of other people and elbowing everyone out of the way to run to the stage as soon as little 'Victoria' comes on dressed as a shepherdess or tiger or whatever. Screaming directions at the poor hapless tot like they were some demented hollwood veteran.
  10. But I agree, hundreds of noisy cameras at a funeral is bad taste and bad manners when the pros all have access to quieter means. (Or should do.)
  11. Since that ceremony was performed completely FOR the cameras, the noise
    seems appropriate...
  12. Personally, I'd ban ownership of a flashgun unless you had a certificate signed by two psychologists saying that you actually had enough brains to use the bloody things correctly. If there's one thing that gets all photographers a bad name it's morons with flashguns who spoil events for everyone else.
  13. DUCK VOICE: Aff-cclack.
  14. From experience, my camera loudness scale:
    Hassy 2000FC (deafening)
    Contax RTS III (loud)
    Canon D30 (noticeable)
    Leica M (quiet)
    Contax T (detectable)
    Nikon Coolpix 900 (silent)
    The first three are SLRs (moving mirror & focal plane shutter); a DSLR is not inherently quieter than its film cousin. I find an M too noisy for a classical music event, and take the Contax T (leaf shutter, manual advance).
    As noted already, a digi P&S is the most quiet but shutter lag is usually awful. Even worst is sensor noise at 400 ASA: film P&S has a major edge here.
  15. The mirror has to flip up and down as well. That accounts for much of the noise.
  16. A lot of what you hear on TV may be because the TV cameras & microphones
    and press photographers are mostly bunched togther and sound louder on
    TV than they are when you are actually there.

    Leica rangefinder or camera blimps ( ) are required in
    most if not all court rooms.
  17. The whirring sound is probably photographers gunning at 8fps. At that speed the sound of each frame becomes indistinct and they all sort of run together to make that noise. In any case, the sound is no worse than any high fps film camera.
  18. The noise is due to the mirror and shutter. And you want to talk about deafening, grab a hold of my 1d mkII. Sounds like a train.

    Its actually kind of cool in a sports environment, but blows chunks when shooting wildlife. The MkII does have a quiet mode, which helps when needed but you lose the 8.5 fps.
  19. My cameras by noise:
    Yashicamat silent
    M6 silent
    D30 tasteless plastic slap ;-)
    Nikon EM slightly less than the next two
    Konica T1 almost identical as Canon 650
    Canon 650 clackity clack
  20. jbq


    Try an Olympus E-10 or E-20. Pretty damn silent for a DSLR.
  21. Eric, thanks for the thoughtful and thought-provoking input. That's
    why I love the internet, every moron can make his statement
    without consequences.
  22. Stop clobbering the poor bloke who shoots with a flash in a stadium at some event
    happening 100 meters away. He is probably using a P&S with no way to turn the darn
    thing off. Not everybody can afford plush Leicas and Summiluxes. That said, those useless
    and ubiquitous flashes firing from every direction every tenth of second make for a
    fascinating spectacle in a 100,000 seats stadium at the Olympics.

    As for stealth shooting in courtrooms and at funerals, I think the Miami-Dade County
    could go one better than a Leica M with a Rolleiflex.
  23. Quietest camera? got to be a huge thing with plates and bellows, top hat as the shutter! All that dof, dof, doffing of hats.
  24. SLRs are noisy regardless if film or digital. The same shutter covers either film or the chip. The motor drive is the same.
  25. The comment by Ellis Verner re. the proximity of the tv microphones to the cameras was most interesting and would explain the noise heard on tv news clips of Bush & Company. However, one is left to wonder why so many photographers are taking pictures of them at every news conference. We already know what they look like. Seems like a waste of film and/or time.
  26. "SLRs are noisy regardless if film or digital. The same shutter covers either film or the chip. The motor drive is the same."

    What exactly does the 'motor drive' drive in a DSLR?
  27. jbq


    Marc: cocks the shutter (assuming a mechanical focal-plane shutter).
  28. Dayton,

    Good post. I don't understand why more photographers do not
    use point and shoot digital cameras. Quality wise it is good
    enough for publication. It is not the camera that makes the
    picture but the photographer. In a situation like the Reagan
    funeral what do you need a better shutter response for? There
    isn't much action. I am going to include a link that most of you
    have probably seen before. Alex Majoli, Magnum Photos, won
    NPPA Magazine POY with a point and shoot Olympus.

    I think as photographers we get too caught up in the equipment
    aspect of it. What does it matter what we take it with? One can
    make a million arguements why to shoot with a Leica over a
    Canon or a Canon over a Nikon or film over digital and vice versa
    but in the end it is just a tool. And as a painter doesn't have one
    brush, we shouldn't have one camera.
  29. " about deafening, grab a hold of my 1d mkII."

    Yup. That thing must be producing lots of high frequencies if my beat-to-hell ears can easily hear the difference between it and the 1v. At 8fps it sounds like a sewing machine to me.
  30. Thanks Andrew for the information. My "quiet" digital camera is
    the Olympus C-5050 and I use in situations where noise is a
    factor or when I need lots of depth of field. My quiet film cameras
    are an M-6ttl and an Olympus XA.
  31. My loudest: Pentax 67. Followed by Hasselblad 203FE.

    Quietest: Leica CM, Rolleiflex TLR. With the CM, everyone (EVERYONE) challenges my claim
    that i actually did "take a picture." I guess they also expect a flash to go off....
  32. The Hexar AF in silent mode is difficult to hear even when up to your eye. If not shooting at infinity, it is easier watching the framelines move to infinity after every shot than to try and listen to determine when the shutter fired.
  33. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    "...every moron can make his statement without consequences."

    at least this photogrpaher doesn't complain about camera noise. what would you look at in the paper the next day anyway butthead?
  34. First of all the Capitol Dome echoes sound. Secondly, there were ONLY one or two photographers on the floor and it looked like they were kept about 30 feet away. The majority of the photogs were on risers working with a minimum of a 300mm f/2.8 to a 600mm f/4 lenses. Any one limiting themselves to a Leica rangefinder with a 135mm is out of luck. In the meeting rooms on the Hill, photographers can only use their motors during the swearing-in of the witness, after that it's single punching. One must use an SLR for this assignment. Happy Snaps, Sal
  35. Leica M sounds like a gun compared to a Rolleiflex...
  36. Sal is right, and the rest of you know diddly-squat about press photography. First, news is a business, shouldn't be any surprises there. Press is there to fulfill a demand, and this is apparently what's selling newspapers right now. Second, a professional newspaper photographer who brings nothing but an M Leica or a P&S digicam is either nuts or doesn't care about getting fired later that day. Every news situation is potentially a roped one, and if you're stuck 100 feet away from the goings-on, you'd better have at least a 80-200/2.8 handy if not a 300/2.8 or longer. Yes, a tool is a tool, as long as it does what you need it to do and doesn't get in your way.
    Having said all this, my D70 is more muted than my F100 or FM2N.
  37. Anyway, camera noise sounds cool, who cares?
  38. Who is being annoyed by the noise?

    Not Reagan.

    Not the politicians, for to them the sound of a shutter is Mozart to their ears, as they crave publicity.

    Most of the other people (Mrs.Reagan, etc.) are used to this sound and have long since tuned it out.
  39. This was more offensive than camera shutter noise:
  40. Marc, good point as to my comment about "motor drive" What I was referring to is the quick frame advance; that is so many frames per second, which sounds similar in both type cameras because what you basically hear is the shutter mechanism repeating.
  41. gotta agree w/ Vic on this one. This is as much of a media event as a funeral so i don't many ppl care abut camera noise.

    Attending a Presidential morning in shorts/t-shirt/hat on the other hand is utterly disrespectful.
  42. Vic,

    You nailed it. There is so much hypocracy in today's media. It makes me sick. Shorts at a funeral:(. Scumbag politicians who only care about 10 secs of fame. I disagree with the media circus that accompanies these solemn occasions. I think the worse media circus was when Princess Diana died. They had announcers calling out every move like it was the Thanksgiving Day Parade.


  43. "...Robert J. Dole (Kan.) agreed. Paying his respects in a dark suit and red tie, he acknowledged that times are different. ... He said that Reagan would have been pleased with the large turnout, whatever their wardrobe. "Here are the people who got him elected."

    Bob cut to the chase.
  44. Peter A-lol
  45. I used to think Leica M's were quiet until I heard the blimped Nikons and Canons used by movie set photographers. Mind you, they're not the kind of blimps you can order from a photo superstore, but the custom blimps made by one or two LA specialists that cost more than the cameras inside. I've stood right next to a few of these cameras while using my own M6's and M7's and I felt like a problem neighbour by comparison!
  46. Not as noisy as some columnists:,0,3452804.column?coll=ny-news-columnists

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