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  1. Hi all,
    Just took my Noctilux out for a late night stroll in this
    Christmas day in the middle if an east coast snow storm. Since I
    just got the Noct last spring I was wondering how it would fare in
    actual shooting conditions in inclement weather.I definately have
    been missing the small size of my f2 35mm Summicron for this type of
    work since I sold it, but the Noct did great. At first I was worried
    about the size of the outfit, but decided to wear it under my winter
    coat with the lens tilted down in front,and with removible shade
    attached with my M3.This arrangement worked well to shoot fast when
    I needed to and also kept the snow which was fierce, off the
    camera.The Noct focused incredibly easily with gloves on which is a
    plus over the smaller lenses in a snowstorm, where leather gloves
    fumble a bit. On the M3 the images came quick and clear and I was
    generally shooting at a 60th at f1 with no need for a meter at 1600.
    The aperture and shutter speed needed to be checked before each
    round of shots as since it was going in and out of my winter coat
    sometimes the settings changed with out my wanting them too, but
    this was less of a problem with this lens than others I've used.All
    in all a great lens and very usable in this type of situation. I
    really like the Leica in these conditions and the Noctilux is no
    exception with its beautiful capabilities at night. Even in a snow
  2. Emile: your post coincides with a bad attack of Noctilust on my part, from which I may recover. However, if you could post some results from your snowy walk I may have a relapse...
  3. Paul, as Emile shot on Christmas, it may be a few days before he has film back to scan. So to keep the flame of your Noctilust burning brightly, I've taken the liberty to post some "Winter Storm" results from my Nocti-strolls around my Michigan home.
  4. Another using a SF 20 flash during a Nocti snow storm.
  5. A third. I hope the snow lines on the web conversion (due to a slow shutter speed with wide open Noctilux.
  6.'s getting to be more than I can bear...anyone selling a Nocti for an old song?
  7. Emile, If you think that focusing the "Noctlux" is easy with gloves, Order a "steer" From Lutz. That makes focusing the Noctilux, Summilux75 and the APO 90Mm a breeze.
  8. Marc,

    Really nice shots but was the Noctilux necessary or could you have taken
    them with any 50mm?

  9. hey the third one can't be @ f1! where's the light fall-off? or you cropped it?

  10. Here is another one; at f1... from Madrid New Mexico (no snowstorm though).
  11. Noctilux a bargain!?

    Pop Photo (whose ratings I don't particularly trust) just had a test of the Canon 50/1.0 EF-L lens, the only current competition for the Noctilux. Now this lens is listed at $ 4210 USD (manufacturer's suggested retail price) with a USA street price of $ 2600 (B&H). By my reckoning, that makes the 50/1 Noctilux a bargain, even if Canon's 50/1.8 is $ 600+ cheaper than Leica's 50/2.0 Summicron.
  12. Ray, it is hard to tell from these shots , but it was guite dark when I took
    these images. Yes, perhaps I could've taken them with a 50/2 if the
    camera was on a Tripod. but they wouldn't look quite the same.

    Dexter, I rarely experience severe light fall off, but when I do I sometimes
    either crop as you suggest, or correct it in PhotoShop using the Elliptical
    Marquee tool to select > Select / Inverse > adjust Levels. It has the same
    effect as a center filter, and evens out the exposure.

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