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Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by nige_buddy, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. I suggest some discussion about the 'no words' threads that Todd
    (usually) starts is in order. Good idea and all, but very modem

    I'd like to suggest posting either links or > 500 pixels wide pics
    (so they turn into links... but still keep them reasonable size!)
    That way I can come back and check additions to the thread easily
    (yes I can hit ESC to stop all the pics loading, but then I have to
    find the link to do a 'show picture')

    Anyone agree, or should I just shutup and ignore the threads?
  2. Nige if you use Internet Explorer you can use Image Toggler to disable pictures and look selectively (using Show Picture). It's an alternative to your no-tech method :)
  3. Good point Nige - I agree with your suggestion to post links rather then pics.
  4. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Don't let the fact that I'm the moderator here influence this discussion, but...

    I like in-line images. I don't like links. I think this is especially true of the "no words" threads where there is a connection between the images. However, it would be good to keep the images under 125k through sizing or compression.
  5. Sorry Nigel old pal, but I'm going to agree with Jeff. I like the pics in the thread, even on my slow loading dial-up at home... but I'd never tell you to shut up - nope, I'd never do that. ; )
  6. lwg


    I think the nice thing about these threads is that most of the pictures are not links. It would change the feel, for the worse, to have to click on a link to see each picture. But of course I have a cable modem so I don't know the pain you are experiencing with this.
  7. One more vote for keeping the in-line images. Sometimes I fell like not clicking in the links. I know I miss something, but for me is more important not to miss the atmosphere. At home I also have a slow modem
    connection, but it's just the time to get a good smell and sip of the wine.
  8. gib


    I would like to see the inline images continue.

    I dont know how to do that, so my contribution to a NoWords was by putting in a link.

    Aside from convenience of a sort to modem users, I have a high speed connection out in the country, a link to a photo.net folder means the photo has a longer shelf life, since people can mosey on by and see the folder.

    Maybe its just me, but it seems a little odd when I see some very striking photo by some one in a forum thread and out of curiosity to see more of their work I click their name and go to their page only to find 0 photos posted.

    I realize some people dont like the ratings thing.

    Like I said maybe its just me but it does seem odd.

    I put up photos and take them down after several months. I keep mine under 100K, usually under 80K.

    Oh, I like Todd's idea very much.
  9. If you want to link instead of posting in-thread, have the width of your image 512 pixels or more (511 is the cut off point), or don't fill in the caption.

    That said, I not only like the in-line images, but my browser caches the images, so they only have to be loaded the one time. That is, a thread that has had no new images loaded since the last time I opened it only takes 4 or 5 seconds to load. If it takes longer, I know there's a new photo at the end of it.
  10. I like the picture in the thread too.

    Open the thread in a new browser, and let it load in the background while you read something else.

    Or get up and get some coffee while it loads.
  11. since we are on the topic here, how do you select to post a pic link
    and how do you post the pic with the thread? i don't notice posting
    pics differently, but some ends up as link while other just pops right
  12. I like in-line images as well and am glad to see the "No Words"
    series threads - it helps keep this forum photo-oriented.

    Photos can be compressed to surprisingly small sizes. My pic
    posted to the No Words: Affection thread was only 36k, and at
    least in that case, I don't think much was lost.
  13. ok, general concensus is to keep in-line pics...
  14. thanks paul. for in-line picture post, it must be less than 511
    pixels wide, captioned and in jpeg or gif file.
  15. I appreciate the vote of confidence on this, and my intention (long ago) was just a series of wordless images with a theme...but small enough so we can simple and quickly scan the submissions.

    I am also delighted that others are picking up on this with their own themes...it's hard to come up with new and original ideas on a regular basis.

    I think the positive result of this is to see how others interpret a thematic idea. This is definitely a learning opportunity.

    Most appreciated and blessing to all of you for a happy holiday and a peaceful world.
  16. At a peace rally

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