No Words: Self-Portrait as Lens Test

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by alex_es, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. I'm not sure what this experiment proves. Here are the last two shots downsized.
  2. And finally...
  3. Hey Alex,
    Reverse the negative/slide so we can see what you "really" look like.
  4. on the ironic-sarcastic side, here in spain Photo-Art is so full of BS and arrogant ignorants that this photo set could be presented in the official Photoespaña show and get great reviews on how the self is only the reflexion of the point of view reflected itself thru the mirror of the soul................. If you would only have seen what I have seen this last month of june (during june and july there is Photoespaña, where Madrid houses like 40 diferent photo expos both on official and extra show, from all of them only about 4-5 could be considered anything but Artistish BS).

    So maybe I´ll see your shots around here next year ;)
  5. Alex, do you change your shirt every time you change your lens?
  6. George, im guessing Alex did this test wile finishing rolls.

    Alex, i wonder if you lost/gained weight wile doing the test, if not i would like to know which pic(s) is most truthfull, and dont say its the canon 25mm ;)P...

  7. IMO, this post is dreadful.

    Aside from that, what's the point of posting some of your photos twice, and without a patron icon, no less?
  8. All I can say is thank goodness you were not naked and please don't show us what
    you look like from the back :0
  9. All the lens tests are amazingly consistent. You need a hair cut and a shave. ;-)
  10. Self-Portrait as Strobe Test
  11. "All the lens tests are amazingly consistent. You need a hair cut and a shave. ;-)"

    ....and an 80c filter in about 6 different sizes!
  12. You want a back shot? You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!<P>
    <img src=""><br>
    This too was a test, but of a different kind...
  13. Thank you for all your responses so far, friends.

    These shots were made over a long period of time; and, yes, in many cases I was finishing rolls. Whenever possible I try to get a photo record of what camera I was using. One reason for doing this is that if there is anything funny on the film I'll know which camera needs service.

    I was more interested in the lens than myself. Here was a chance to see what each lens could do at close focus and in not great lighting conditions and leave absolute evidence of itself. Of course when you photograph yourself with the lens a lot of attention will go to the portrait. This, hoever, does say something about the lens.

    There is no chronology here. Coincidentally I have lost weight recently. (A diet tip: Avoid soft drinks.)

    If I had any grand artistic purpose beyond having some fun with various lenses it was probably unconscious. I see no real artistic merit in this sequence. Neither do I see anything revealing about the photographer either, except that he is rather unkempt in these shots. I doubt these shots would rock the artistic world of Spain on its axis--even if it is as full of b.s. as Diego says.

    (B.S. in the art photo world is pretty ubiquitous; we have a fair share here in Japan.)

    Finally, I really liked the self-portraits posted here.
  14. As we keep up the eternal search for the best and latest glass, enter into endless arguments on the relative merits of this multi-coated filter vs. that multi-coated filter, which generation Summicron or Elmarit, remember that the 25mm Canon lens was last made over 40 years ago and the design is about 10 years older than that. Single coated, too. No worse flare than any of the other lenses used, either.
  15. Al,

    That is a very good point! The Canon 25/3.5 is a great lens. I don't use mine so much because it is a delicate old dear. Its optics, however, stand up nicely to the later lenses--as I think my photos show here.

  16. What an ugly model!!
  17. au contraire
  18. I hope when they (whoever they is) discover our civilization 500 years from now they don't find this thread. What will they think.

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