No Way, Jose -- Jose Angel "Retiring" from Nikon Forum Wednesday Threads

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by shuncheung, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    After over a year of starting the tradition and initiating Wednesday image threads every week, Jose Angel recently informed me that he would like to step down from doing that in early 2010. However, he will start the last Wednesday thread #53 for 2009 on December 30. My first reaction was "No way, Jose."
    I would like to once again thank Jose for his tireless effort for over a year. Hopefully he can continue to participate in this forum, including the Wednesday threads. We are fortunate that Matt Laur has agreed to initiate those threads starting from the first Wednesday in 2010, which is January 6. Since Jose lives in Europe while Matt is in North America, the timing when those threads will start may shift a bit, but we understand that we very much are an international forum with members posting from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, India, the Middle East thru Africa, Europe and all the way to Hawaii. We'll try to make sure that the Wednesday threads are available at a convenient time, but you get almost an entire week to contribute. There is no rush.
    Please join me thanking both Jose and Matt. Believe me, it is not easy to perform like clockwork and start a thread on time week after week. I can only wish we had more members like them making positive contributions to this forum so that everybody can benefit.
    And happy holidays to everybody.
  2. Jose's cheerful persistence in launching the Wednesday post every week, and his delightfully varied subject matter, have been an inspiration. Though the thread's starting point will be moving west across the Atlantic to the east coast of the US, the plan is to still have each thread up very early so that everyone can still enjoy it with their coffee (even if it's their second cup of coffee, in Europe).

    Thanks again, Jose, for the last 52 weeks of good, clean, Nikon-centric fun. We're all a little more worldly for your efforts, and a little more likely to go out and shoot every week like we're supposed to. Now, no pressure or anything, but next week's post better be special!
  3. Let me chime in, and say a THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Jose. Your stamina to start these threads every Wednesday is quite marvellous.
    And, a THANK YOU to Matt, who has agreed to continue this task. Until I started to join these Wednesday threads, I did not realise how fast the weeks went. (And I guess my employer also want to say a thank you, as these threads due to the time zone shift, now will start when I am back home from work... ;) )
  4. Jose, thank you for your thread and for watching over it. Although I don't post in it every week, it always motivates me when I see the great photographs that are posted. I do appreciate you giving it a start and for your faithfullness to it this past year. And with Matt, I'm sure that it will receive the same fine stewardship. Thanks to the both of you. Joe
  5. Many thnaks to Jose for starting the Wednesday thread, and to Matt for stepping in to continue it. I so look forward to checking out the thread every Wednesday to see all the wonderful pictures that have been posted. It brightens up my week!
  6. Huge thanks to Jose for the truly inspirational WedNEsDAy-threads and photos he has started the threads with! Without those threads I would have taken much less photos, looked much less photos and thought much less photography in general. In short: you most likely have made me a better photographer by keeping me active and for that I'm ever grateful to you!
    And Matt, equally huge thanks to you for keeping these marvelous threads active in the future and keeping me more active in the days to come!
  7. Thanks, Jose for providing a weekly venue where have an opportunity to express ourselves and learn about each other. And thanks Matt, for picking up the sword.
  8. A "Thank You" to Jose for starting this wonderful thread and another "Thank You" to Matt Laur for taking over the helm.
    This is a wonderful thread every week, one that I and many many more amateurs look forward to. Being able to post photos along with people from all over the world makes total Peace one step forward.
    Here's to a great 2009 and Here's to a Great 2010 !!
    phil b
    benton, ky
  9. Cheers Jose,
    I think we all look forward to posting in and viewing the Wednesday pic threads.
    Good luck Matt and well done for taking over.
    All the best, Gary.
  10. Indeed, kudos to Jose. I think this is one of the most remarkable and very well done things regarding Nikon photography on the entire Internet. I just got myself an already outdated Nikon D200 to put behind some MF Nikkors and am having a ball with my foray into the digital world. These images, from across our planet, are simply an inspiration to me and much anticipated. If someone had the time, inclination, and copyright agreements and all that, one could compile a fascinating "Nikon Wednesday" best of the best photo book.
    Well done.
  11. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jose and Matt !!! Jose you-re my HERO..., and Matt will be my 2x HERO -:)
  12. I would also like to add my thanks to Jose for starting what has become one of my favorite things on the net and also to Matt for offering to take it over (please Matt - no more of those naked cat pictures. I still haven't gotten the last one out of my memory!)
    Good on both of you!
    And Happy Holidays to all the readers of this forum.
  13. So many wonderful people here, so much good work. You have indeed made the Google of photography. Thank you Jose that was fantastic......what fun. And welcome to Matt......who could fit those shoes better?!! I am sure the fun is going to continue. I sure learnt from the WednesdayPic perspectives.....
    And wish you all a wonderful set of Holidays and a Lovely New Year.
  14. Thanks, José, for a weekly feast of photography! It is, to me, without any doubt one of the best photography-forum-things in the world, and thoroughly focussed on what it should all be about: gorgeous photos.
    And upfront a big thanks to Matt for stepping up. I'm sure things will stay as they are, which means good :)
    Now I have to see if I have anything halfway decent to contribute for #52.....
  15. I started posting on the week late 20s or something like that and this thread HAS BEEN the motivation, education, and inspiration of/for my interest in the photography. I admit that most of my entry are still mediocre but excercise is what counts in this hobby and result and process are both fun. I truly appreciate Jose for doing this thread every week and I will be in your debt forever. And Matt, you, too, have helped from time to time and I am looking forward to the NEW Wednesday photo series.

    Again, Jose, YOUR Wednesday photo thread will be sorely missed, but thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Happy holidays, everyone.
  16. Yes, no doubt, great work, fine job Jose, Matt best wishes to you and I'm sure it will be super. Greg, me too, now that I have my high tech D200s there's no reason I can't come up with some new stuff to post up and participate. It will get me motivated. Happy Holidays all!
  17. thanks Jose-you have been great; now go enjoy the holidays! best regards, cb :)
  18. Jose -
    Thank you for all that you have done over the past 53 threads of "Nikon Wednesday" - I don't think anyone realizes the time commitment and effort!
    Matt - tough act to follow - but you'll do fine!
  19. Jose, I hope you'll still be there each week even if you're not starting the thread. I really enjoy your pictures :) Thanks for starting such a great tradition here on Pnet.
    Matt, congratulations on your new challenge! Good on you for steping up and taking over!
  20. Thanks, Jose. Looking forward to seeing many more posts from you I hope.
  21. Thank you for creating such a nice thread José.
    Merry Christmas for you and family!!!
  22. Many, many thanks to Jose for starting this wonderful thread all those weeks ago. I lurked for a long time before deciding to take a deep breath and participate, and I'm so glad I did. What a wonderful community! I am continually blown away by the variety and the quality of work displayed. I agree with Greg Jones...a Nikon Wednesday photo book would be spectacular.
    Thank you, too, in advance to Matt for keeping the light burning. I really do think I'd have to sit down and have a good cry (and maybe a stiff drink) if my Wednesdays went back to the way they used to be...
    Here's to the next 52 weeks of Nikon Wednesday!
  23. Keeping it short - thanks Jose - Merry Christmas.
  24. Thanks to Jose for leading us through Year One and for coming up with the brilliant idea in the first place.
    And thanks to Matt for taking the baton so that the tradition may continue.
    Here's looking forward to thousands of amazing new Wednesday images in 2010!
  25. Thanks Jose! Please keep posting!
    Good job Matt for picking up the torch!
  26. Thank you Jose for your efforts and Matt for taking up the mantle!
    Nikon Wednesday lives!
  27. Thanks to Jose, Matt, and Shun for an excellent forum all around. Merry Christmas!
  28. Thanks, Jose, for coming up with such a great idea and carrying it through. I always look forward to your pictures and accompanying witty and educational commentary. Hope you keep them coming.
    And thanks, Matt, for taking on this awesome responsibility.
  29. Just want to say thanks to Jose for starting this thread and keeping it going, we know that was not a small job, and thanks to Matt for being willing to devote the time to continue it. Merry Christmas everyone.
  30. Even though I do not post anything to this forum, I really do enjoy posting, and I too would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Jose for starting this thread; and thank you Matt for taking on a big job.
  31. Thank you Jose! We've all appreciated your hard work and diligence in keeping this thread such a wonderful part of PhotoNet.
    Matt, I know you will handle this task the way you do everything else I've seen you do...wonderfully. Thank you for agreeing to do it.
    To everyone who contributes to our "trip around the world", thank you for contributing. It's always a highlight of my week. Happy holidays!
  32. It is nice to have a thread where people are using there cameras and not arguing or complaining about them. I for one always look forward to this thread and am glad to know it will continue. Jose thanks for keeping it up so long and Matt thanks for taking it over!
    Happy holidays!
  33. SCL


    Thank you Jose - I really enjoyed it!
  34. Thank you Jose. Thank you for your service and generosity...your inspiration.
    Peace and blessings to you and your family!
  35. Thanks for all your work to support a true institution. All the best to you :).
  36. I must say thanks to Jose, who have been initiating that wonderful thread weekly. Though I only joined the crowd late in 2009, I learned a lot from so many talented hobbyists from all over the world, and I received so many kind words and encouragements which undoubtedly helps my growth in this hobby.
    And a big thanks to Matt for stepping up! Looking forward to the next thread!!!
  37. Jose, thank you for all your efforts and thanks to Matt for keeping the post going.
    Merry Christmas to everyone
  38. Tx José °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°Happy Holidays°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°
  39. +1 Thanking Jose Angel for his efforts and wishing Matt Laur well for his caretaker's role next year
  40. Jose. Jose, Jose
  41. Thank you Jose and Matt.
  42. HUH! I just leave you guys alone for a few days and look what happen!
    Jose... Thank you for such a great idea and for your commitment to it for more than a year! I think you brought the Nikon forum much closer and your thread has helped so many to improve our skills and dedication to photography.
    So what are you up to now? Nikon FrIDay PiC? :)
    I expect your weekly contribution to the thread even if you are not the one starting it!
    Matt... You know you will have to be up around 2 am to start the thread, right? :)
    Thank you both, Matt & Jose for your commitment to the Nikon community! Cheers!
  43. Thanks Jose for starting this great thread. Hopefully you will keep posting. And thanks to Matt for taking over.
  44. Thanks to Jose, good luck to Matt!
  45. Well... don`t know what to say. It has been so enjoyable to me to start the thread every week... specially with your enthusiam, you have given it to me! Shun and Lex has been a fundamental help, they are -always- behind the stage making things work like magic.
    I can also feel your affection, here and of course along this past weeks... I want to tell you that is reciprocal. After such many posts, I think we know each other way more then one year ago, something that makes me happy. Being photographers it is easier, nobody like us to read on other`s photographic work.
    About Matt... he knows I`m grateful with him to continue with this task. And of course, I`ll keep posting!... but now in a more relaxed way.
    My most sincere gratitude to each and every one of you... have a very nice Christmas Eve&Day. See you next week!
  46. Thank you, José, for offering such an inspirational thread with brainfood from all over the world! It has always been a pleasure, since I came across - it's part of the lifelong learning experience for me, and has also offered me the opportunity to contact across the world. Thank you, again. Y feliz navidad!
    I'll probably miss your last thread as I'll be offline for a few days.
    Good luck to you, Matt - guess I'll have to adapt to time differences now... :) Nevertheless, I'm confident that all aficionados of this thread will remain faithful.
  47. Thanks Jose. I discovered it very recently but it has beena lready a source of inspiration.
    Thanks Matt for stepping in .... I would miss this thread if it were gone!
  48. Thanks a lot José and Matt for your time, effort and inspiration.
  49. Huge thanks to Jose and huge thanks to Matt...
  50. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    In the last couple of days, Jose and I were discussing how to announce his "retirement." Since I knew very well that there would be a lot of "Thank you Jose" posts, I didn't want to clutter the regular Wednesday image threads, which are already very very long. I also wanted to announce it a bit ahead of time so that people won't be surprised comes January 6, as some people might not check this forum between Christmas and new year.
    I also asked Jose to post a response here so that it wouldn't appear that only the rest of us were talking about him retiring.
    While pretty much all of us appreciate Jose and Matt's contributions, the Wednesday image threads and in a broader sense this forum's success is directly the result of all members, not merely the effort from a few individuals. It is very nice to see people posting images every week. To me, that is a good change of pace from the discussion and debates about prime vs. zoom, quality of AI-S vs. AF vs. ZF vs. Sigma ....
    Again, Jose Angel is not really leaving us. I am looking forward to seeing him posting to future Wednesday threads, a tradition he started and the rest of us benefit from.
    Thanks again to all. Happy holidays.
  51. Jose, thank you for being instrumental with the Wednesday pics to rekindle my interest in photography and Good Luck to Matt in continuing this most excellent endeavor
  52. Thanks Jose!
    ...and thanks, Matt!
  53. Jose -how does one say thank you to someone who's so managed to bring the forum together. I simply don't know how.....
    In the middle of the night I got an e-mail from Rene' Villela saying you're not going to be starting the threads any more. I simply had no idea what was going on. My life has been a chaos since Tuesday morning when I realized my car had gotten broken into & the Sigmonster & my tripods had been stolen. But that's now all well & done with. All is back home due to the help I received.
    Jose - I have many times thought of the pressure you have to get the thread up every Wednesday morning. And that is pressure.
    Just know this - You've done a great thing. You've done a wondrous thing. Something we will always remember. And we do understand. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - we'll all enjoy seeing your contributions to the forum for a long time I hope.
    And to Matt - thank you for taking on this responsibility - I'm sure the board appreciates it.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to the board.
  54. bms


    Jose... thank you. It's been a great addition to the PNET/Nikon experience. AND see you on Wednesdays?
  55. Thank you Jose Angel. I've always loved the thread, however it was only since last month or so that I started participating and got really hooked to it.
    I'm pretty sure Matt will do it good too. As he never seems to sleep I don't think he will start the thread too much after the usual nine o'clock here in Europe :) First thing in the morning or last thing in the evening isn't that much apart, is it?
    Os deseo muy feliz Navidad y un fantástico año nuevo.
  56. Thank you, Jose! Thank you, Matt!
  57. Though I don't always participate, it's always a very enjoyable scroll.
    Thank You Jose Angel, and a Happy Holiday To All .
  58. jose - thanks for starting it all - hope to see your contributions in 2010; matt - good luck and don't feel like you have to get up too early for us in europe.....and to every other contributor and those inspired to get out there and take some pictures for the next wednesday - have a great holiday.
  59. Thank you Jose, thank you Matt, this thread is became friendly forum for all of us.
    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everybody.
  60. Thank you Jose for coming up with one of the most brilliant ideas in this forum and persistantly and punctually starting the thread week after week. No need to mension the quality of the first of the photos which inspire and challenge all the users to go out, shoot and be a better photographer every week.
    I also want to thank Matt for accepting the challenge that comes with continuing this tradition.
    Happy new year to all members.
    Ankara, Turkey
  61. Thanks José. Whatever you do, all the best.
  62. reading this news from mexico city, where i'm spending the holidays...
    jose has been a true source of inspiration, since he's inspired so many of us to share and encourage each other in our photographic pursuits
    however, i have no doubts the wednesday thread will continue to be at a high level in matt's capable hands
    enough comisserating, how 'bout some images?
    here's one i shot earlier tonight at the basilica of the virgin of guadaloupe...
  63. (Better late than never.) Thank you José for this great idea, and thanks Matt for taking up the baton.
  64. José,
    Mil gracias por tu aporte. ¡A vos y tus seres queridos, les deseo un feliz año nuevo!
  65. Thank you José for starting this wonderful tradition and thanks to Matt for volunteering to continue it. It's one thread I try to check every week (I have a secretary now and do not get as much time to puruse the forums - she's a slave driver!)
  66. Being a relative "newbie" to the site for only a couple of weeks, I would like to thank Jose for his efforts and also kind words to many of us. Best wishes to him and to Matt as he assumes the role of "Chief bottle washer and moderator".
    And thanks to everyone for their contributions. You learn so much by viewing our peer's works.
    All the best for 2010!
  67. Jose,
    Thank you for all you've done. The WedNEsDAy photos are something I always enjoy, even if I'm not always able to contribute.
    And thank you to Matt for taking over the job.
    HaPPy NeW YEar to all!
  68. A big thank you to Jose for starting and maintaining it for so long - and another one to Matt for taking over now...
  69. Thank you very much again... you are so kind. It has been a very pleasant task. I`m grateful with Matt to continue with the thread. I`ll be there, somewhere below Matt`s post.
    My best wishes to all of you...
  70. Dear Jose,
    Many thanks for your unbeatable effort for creating and running this splendid thread. Take care and Happy New Year.
    Best Regards,
  71. I’m a retired school teacher who happened on the thread by accident about four months ago. I haven’t missed a week since. Jose, you have done something very special and words cannot convey how much the thread has opened my eyes to the joy of photography and increased my appreciation and admiration for you and all of those who contribute. The thread makes WedNEsDAys special! Thank you…. You’ve made a difference and you should hear it one more time.
  72. Thank you for the wonderful wednesdays
  73. Jose, a big thank you for this wonderful weekly event!
  74. bmm


    Dear Jose... and for once the 'Dear' is heartfelt as you have enriched our lives through this wonderful thread you have founded and maintained. Thankyou for your hard work and for this point at which we all meet.
    And to Matt, I cannot think of a better person to carry on the tradition. You gave me great advice when I started and you are one of the true champs of this site.
    The geographic move of the thread to the US means that (like Rene) the Wednesday part of this thread will be the preparation, and 'posting-day' will in fact be Thursday morning Sydney time. But have no doubt that I'll be there each week, coffee in hand, and either linking a bit of my work or simply admirring what all of you contribute.
    Three cheers for the Wednesday Pic!
  75. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    The current plan is that Matt will start the Wednesday thread before he goes to bed (US Eastern time). Therefore, the thread will actually start a bit earlier than before (mid morning in Europe). But please be patient and let Matt figure out what works best for him as well as everybody else. He may change things a bit after a couple of weeks.
  76. Sweet - - -Good to see one who guards the guards take over the mantle. 2007 I was recovering from unexpected heart surgery and really looked forward to Wednesdays when you started them . . . Ed <--- Saluting and applauding you for being YOU - and part of
  77. Thank you Jose for all your efforts. I always looked forward to the 'trip around the world.'
    Matt - thank you for stepping up to continue the Wednesday thread.
    Thanks also to everyone that participates in the Wednesday thread.

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