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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by bill_chiarchiaro, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. On 28 Feb 2018, I posted in this forum ("How to unsubscribe from contest announcement emails?") asking how to manage my account settings so as to no longer receive emails announcing contests. There was a response from "Admin Testing" who then promptly closed the thread to further replies.

    "Admin Testing" said to use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all emails. I'm attaching screenshots of one of the recent contest emails from (two screenshots, so as to show the full extent of the message with scrolling). I don't see any unsubscribe link. Even dragging the pointer over the whole message, to see if the highlighting colors would reveal a link, did not reveal any unsubscribe link.

    I'm using Apple's Mail Version 11.2 (3445.5.20) on macOS Version 10.13.1 (17D47).

    This missing or invisible unsubscribe link, along with the fact that I'm getting two copies of every contest announcement email (sent within minutes of each other, to the same recipient address), are indications of fundamental problems at or its email list contractor.

    What can be done about this?

    No-Unsubscribe-Screenshot-1.png No-Unsubscribe-Screenshot-2.png
  2. G-P

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    I do know its there because its on all of these emails...but I wonder why you can't see it.

    Are you viewing on desktop or mobile - this is how it looks in gmail to us.

    Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 2.02.57 PM.png
  3. I have stopped getting contest email notices even if I have not unsuscribed and for that matter,I have stopped getting all email notices of comments on my photos/follow up of comments I have made on others photos since end of Dec 2017 even if I have suscribed to this option but have not been able to raise any response from admin,I thank you in advance for any sign that this is being looked at.
  4. I just checked my duplicate emails for the last photo contest and also don't have an unsubscribe link. I see exactly what Bill is seeing. That occurs both on my laptop and my iPad using MacMail. I went the extra step of going directly to comcast mail, my service provider, instead of using the MacMail app and the unsubscribe link is not there either.
  5. Followup:

    So, this is weird and interesting.

    Glenn, I just went to forward you the email I received with no unsubscribe link. And believe me, I've scrolled down as far as I can to look at the entire email. I wanted you to see it for yourself. When I click on forward and get the new email that's going to be forwarded to you, voila, it's a longer email and the link appears at the bottom and I can scroll to it. Of course, I then double-checked the original email in my inbox and the link does not show, I can only scroll as far as the bottom of bubble image with the green bubbles, as Bill's screen grab shows. But once I click on Forward, then I can scroll past that bubble image and see the unsubscribe link.

  6. Vincent Peri

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    Hmm... I only stay here to
    see what happens next...
  7. As I noted in my first message in this thread: "I'm using Apple's Mail Version 11.2 (3445.5.20) on macOS Version 10.13.1 (17D47)." I suspect that whoever designed's contest emails got overly fancy and introduced a platform dependency.
  8. Bill, try what I discovered, although it's just a workaround and should still be addressed by the programmers: See if you get the link at the bottom of the email when you try forwarding it. I was going to forward the email to Glenn, so he could see that I didn't get the link (as I noted above), and the link appears for me in the forwarding email on my laptop and iPad (both Mac using MacMail).
  9. Yes, Fred G is correct: Forwarding the contest email in the Apple MacOS Mail app does reveal an unsubscribe link the composing window for the to-be-forwarded message. In addition, it also reveals a "Missing Plug-in" warning too. Perhaps these behaviors are ultimately due to a bug in the Apple MacOS Mail app, but the bottom line is that even emails from actual spammers manage to show unsubscribe links. is pushing the limits, and it needs to dial back the complexity of its emails.
  10. Sandy Vongries

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    What would happen if you opened "My Account", and selected no Emails? I don't find it particularly bothersome to simply delete incoming Emails that I don't want

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