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  1. Lost, found and lost again.
  2. Really good image quality given the amount of years passed; there is very little fade. And no, I think she liked George best. I hope the fellow does turn up though, it would be a shame otherwise.
  3. "Unique." Yeah, "unique." My wife says that all the time but she has a certain way of saying the word.......
  4. There is a little more info there, the post code. It helps narrow down London a little.
  5. Nice.
    I am so glad to see these posts show up regularly again. Thanks.
  6. Lovely images and I am so pleased that you were able to revive it. SW11 is a huge postcode. I wish there was more to that code as we could have pinpointed a street.
  7. Wow, all the way from the UK...could it be that you are getting famous?
  8. Very good. Of course those pictures could be taken on almost any stretch of coastline, but they look like North Devon to me (I was raised there). You're right about the sweaters.
  9. Howard, I came to a similar conclusion to you. Maybe North Devon but could be almost anywhere.
    Tony, Gene is known around the world as the Photonet Phound Philm man.
  10. More amazing work from Gene! Thanks so much for sharing these lost images and taking us back in time. I always hope at least some of the subjects or their family members will see your work Gene.

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