No more Polaroid by the end of the year.

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by q.g._de_bakker, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. See this press report.
  2. Oh well, finally a good use for digital ;)
  3. What all will this affect?

    Do you guys believe someone else will buy the technology to keep it going?

    Doesn't it stand to reason that they've already shopped this in order to keep from having to lay off all those people?

    I'm mostly interested in Hasselblad gear so how does this affect Hasselblad?
  4. Fuji may save the day for instant film users.

    It'd be great to think Polaroid and Kodak actually used reason, business sense and cared about their employees, but they've been missing the boat in my opinion since 2000.

    For $50 bucks get a lens adapter for your Hasselblad lenses to your digital SLR. Polaroid check with a histogram that you can actually use.
  5. Fuji are still going.
  6. After having used both Fuji and Polaroid films, I personally like the Fuji better (the 100 speed pack film).

    I'm not aware of a substitute for the 58 and 59 films. Does Fuji have an entry here?
  7. Fuji doesn't do an equivalent of the Type 55 and 669 films though, do they (black and white
    with instant negative). I won't really miss the instant print films as much as the instant
    negative...Type 55 in 4x5 is a gorgeous, if delicate negative.
  8. Stuart - Fuji makes/made some stuff designated FP100 (?) or something like that; I use it in my Hassy and Mamiya pola backs - I think those backs were built for 669 (or 6XX something), then again, maybe I have the numbers wrong. It wouldn't be a first.
  9. Buy Fuji film, gentlemen, and Ilford-Harman papers. We must keep these producers
    happy, and profitable, to continue the great film tradition
  10. Well, if you haven't bought any polaroid film in the last five years, then there's no reason to lament. Me? I've never had a polaroid camera, never bought a single piece of polaroid film in my life.
  11. Thanks Frank -- You are right about Fuji making an instant print film for medium format
    polaroid backs, but the difference is that Polariod's 669 film gave you a print AND a negative.
    You would take the negative out, wash it in sodium sulfite and then you had a negative that
    you could print in the normal darkroom or scan...they were beautiful negatives...very fine
    grain and lovely tonality. The fuji instant films don't give you a negative, just a print. So while
    they are useful for checking lighting and exposure, they don't give you the ability to make a
    nice print from the photo if the shot you made was a keeper.
  12. This news is horrible for me... a good portion of my work has depended on that "Polaroid"
    look which you don't really get with any other film. The Fuji stuff is fantastic, but you only
    have one color and one B&W to pick from, and it doesn't have that unique interpretation that
    Polaroid gives.<p>I agree that 669 and 55 also are great films. While it doesn't have any
    signature look (unless you include the negative film edges in your print), I love having the big
    neg in a matter of seconds.<p>I can only hope that Fuji somehow fills in the void.
  13. If enough people request the same film(like reproduceable negatives) then the company will usually produce it as long as there is demand, enough people may get fuji to produce all of those polaroid films.

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