No fast normal E-mount prime lens for Sony NEX?

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by waldo_lee, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. The recent announcement of the Sony NEX-7 has made me sit up and take notice. However, I'm puzzled that Sony doesn't even contemplate a fast (at least f/2) normal (30-35mm) prime lens in its lens roadmap, especially when there are a couple of fast 25mm normals for MFT and at least one fast normal for Samsung's NX.
    For me the entire appeal of the Sony NEX system (and other mirrorless system cameras) has nothing to do with zoom lenses. I want fast primes, and the smaller the better. And as much as I like and respect the work that can be done with wide angle and medium wide angle primes, there is also a strong argument to be made for the slightly more concentrated view of a "normal" lens. The lack of such a lens is enough to keep me from investing in a NEX-7. If one of the other manufacturers who have signed on to the E-format--Zeiss, Cosina, Sigma, Tamron--produces a fast normal, perhaps this will change my mind. Am I alone in seeing the lack of a fast normal prime E-mount lens as a glaring omission?
  2. I think Sony is coming out with a Zeiss 24/1.7 soon, and a 50/1.8 later. They're not in the normal focal lengths, but a lot of people like these focal lengths. Those two focal lenghs (~35 and 75) are classic combos.
    But, I would like them to bring out smaller lenses. MFT has the Panasonic 20/1.7 as a pancake. They also have regular sized lenses like the Leica 25/1.4 and the Olympus 50/1.8.
  3. They announced the 24mm f1.8 Zeiss lens just a few weeks ago. That is a 36mm equivalent lens in terms of 35mm angle of view. It's certainly not a pancake lens though.
    They added "focus peaking" a few months ago and combined with the EVF I think it will make an excellent camera for Leica M lenses.
  4. But with an adapter you can use just about any lens you want... I was thinking of getting the Nex 7 when it comes out because I will be able to stick an old Nikon f1.2 on a camera that should have a good enough viewfinder that I can focus it easily.
  5. I was thinking the same thing, the nex-7 looks ideal for a fast 50mm equivalent lens, preferably a pancake design rather than a behemoth like the 24mm zeiss, but there is nothing available yet.
    I do agree with Walt - adding an adapter and an M-mount leica lens is a tempting (if expensive) proposition, but I'm not sure that the EVF quality coupled with my focussing skills (or lack of) could justify the outlay.
  6. This system desperately needs good, small lenses. The only current one (16) is optically weak. Fast 24 is an improvement, but a small body needs small lenses. Micro 4/3s is much better represented with good and small 14 (28), 17 (35), 20 (40) lenses already available with recent addition of fairly small and light 12 (24) and 45 (90) lenses. In addition a small 8 (16) completes the roundup. Even the zoom lenses are small, with collapsible versions of 14-42 (28-85) and 9-18 (18-36) available. I have more than ten Sony/Minolta AF lenses but they do not fully work on the NEX and are huge in size. Lack of lenses is the prime reason why I use Olympus EP instead of Sony NEX. Sony A series can make use of a large selection of second hand Minolta lenses. That is why I don't bother about the comments that Sony lens lineup is limited. But the NEX does not have that.
  7. I'm pretty happy with the 16, actually. It may be optically weak compared to some lenses but I'm not so sure. It's done a very good job for me and I wonder how much of the negative opinions are just generated by online reviews. I'd love to have the 24 but it's not small and not cheap. I'm ok with the kit lens and the prime for now. I also want to test out the longer zoom but that's not a cheap or small lens either. Best to everyone.
  8. The Nex is a wonderful camera for manual focusing . There are some lenses that could help , with an adaptor . At the long end of the "normal" , for example , the Konica Hexanon 40mm/1.8 . Or the Voigtlander 1.7/35mm ULtron . Or the 28/2 from Kiron ,Canon(FD),Minolta,Olympus,Nikon . There are also some small C-mount lenses around 35mm /1.7 for example .Search for the
  9. Waldo:
    Noktor is ending his production of a brand new manual focus lens for E mount, it is 23 mm. T 1.7 (that means 35 mm. in 24 X 36 format equivalent and f:1.4). I am told by them that there will be units ready for shipment in January. The rumored price is $ 499.
    I am thinking to get a Nex-7 too, to use this Noktor or buy a new Zeiss ZM 25 mm. f: 2.8 as normal prime. To complete my glass I will use my "old" Contax G Zeiss Planar 35 mm. f: 2 and Sonnar 90 mm. f: 2.8 (53.5 and 137.7 mm. respectively equivalent in 24 X 36 mm. format), my "older" Rokkors 135 mm. f: 2.8 and 58 mm. f: 1.4 (206.5 and 88.5 mm. equivalent). For the wideangle side I am thinking in buying a new Voigtländer 12 mm. f: 5.6 or 15 mm. f: 4.5 (18.4 or 22.9 mm equivalent).
    If the system works as I expect, I could probably sell my bulky SLR gear and buy another body, the LA-EA2 adapter and the Sony G 70-200 mm. I will share most of the lenses for digital and film and will have only four light bodies: two Nex-7 and my Leica MP and Contax G2.
  10. It seems they issued a Sony 50/1,8 ....but still no "normal" 30-35mm /1.8-1.4 on the E mount.

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