No disk space when disk is less than 1/2 full

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  1. I'm encountering an issue while attempting to either transfer images from the CF card to my hard drive or trying to save newly edited image files. I keep receiving an "out of disk space" error message and the system stops transfering and/or saving the files. The thing is, that I have a 1.5TB internal hard drive that is less than 1/2 full! This issue only occurs in Photoshop/Bridge or Lightroom. Windows shows that the HD is less than 1/2 full and running disk cleanup and defrag did nothing to help resolve the problem. When I transfer image files to the HD using Bridge, I also back up the files to one of two external drives - both of which show more than ample space. I did try uploading images without backing up to the externals - in case the issue involved a failure in the external, but this didn't help. Can someone, please, tell me what is going on and how to resolve it? Thanks!
    System Specs:
    OS: Windows 7 Pro
    HD: 1.5 TB - less than 1/2 full
    RAM: 16GB
    Photoshop CS5; Bridge CS5, Lightroom 3.2
  2. Is your HD partitioned into a C: and D: drives? If so, your C: partition may be too full to support the interim transfer of files. Some programs make copies in a temp directory on C: whenever they manipulate files, even when the files reside on another (logical) drive.
  3. No - the HD is not partioned - I was told that not partioning it would be best. Not sure why, but...
  4. The first order of business is to run CHKDSK on your disk to check for and correct any disk errors.
    Open Windows Explorer, right-click on your disk and select PROPERTIES from the drop down box. Select the TOOLS tab on the PROPERTIES menu. Click on CHECK NOW. Check both boxes to check both the files and free space for errors. Since this is your boot disk, a check will be scheduled on the next reboot of the system.
    After you receive the message a check has been scheduled, shut down and reboot the computer. CHKDSK will start. This will take some time for a 1.5 TB disk. If you miss the end of the CHKDSK run and the system restarts, you can find the results by going to:
    START, right-click on COMPUTER, select MANAGE, expand EVENT VIEWER, expand WINDOWS LOGS, select APPLICATION (it takes some time for the applications window to populate, be patient), and look for WININIT entries. The CHKDSK results will be listed there.
  5. As Brooks said, a chkdsk will usually address these kind of issues.

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