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Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by davidblevins, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. How do I use a timed exposure, there is no cable release
  2. Self timer?
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    Is there a remote available for it? Without knowing what camera you have, the question can only be answered with guesses.
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    Electronic release, wifi? hard to guess what camera you're talking about.
  5. On the A6000, there's a delayed release available in several increments. Same on most other cameras.
  6. Remote camera app and use your smartphone?
  7. Are you talking about a Bulb style exposure? Different cameras have different ways of handling that.
    If it's just remote release, the delayed exposure feature works wonderful.
  8. You have an A6000? There are electronic cable releases available. Search ebay for A6000 cable release.
  9. David, it seems that you haven't learned from your last question, we can't read your mind! Let us know what camera you're talking about and how you're using your camera, instead of a cryptic question. Do you need to wait for something to run by you, and you actually need a cable release? Do you just want to not shake your camera when taking a tripod-mounted photo? As some intrepid members have figured out from your past posting (which is just as lacking in information), you are likely asking about the a6000.
    As everyone has already mentioned, there are a plethora of options available. I have a NEX-6. First of all, you can just set the exposure and then use the auto-timer, which will do the same thing for you as a cable release. Second, you can always buy the Sony RMT-DSLR2 remote, which from a functionality standpoint, is like a cable release on steroids. And third, but unfortunately temporarily unavailable, are the Playmemories applications. You buy them just like you would an app for your smartphone or tablet.
  10. Here's an intervalometer that works on the new multi-interface port.
  11. Another option is to use a short burst and while the first frame is likely to be NBG the next frame or two will be AOK. Cable releases of the mechanical kind are ancient tech :) Though early on I made a gadget which held a mechanical cable release over the trigger button and mounted on the accessory shoe ....but I never used it for 'real' as 10 second delay has answered my purposes mainly until recent use of burst. I also have an electronic cable release rarely used [ Panasonic with a 45ft extension lead ]
  12. Gadget is a bit 'clunky' as the cable's end was broken and needed support rather than just screwing in in the usual way.

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