No. 2 Bulls-Eye Kodak 101 roll film

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  1. So I recently acquired a nice No. 2 Bulls-Eye Kodak from 1898 with two empty spools in it. Now I know that 101 roll film went the way of the dodo in 1956 and that Central Camera in Chicago no longer carries it either.
    Since I want to use this camera and not be limited to single sheets of film or photo paper I figured that I could make some film by soaking 3.5" paper in Rockwell's Liquid Light to make a negative material. I know it would be slow but paper negatives were the first kind of film. The problem is that I cannot find any source of 3.5" wide paper, acetate or plastic film anywhere and was wondering if you guys had any comments or ideas?
  2. Ilford make Multigrade IV RC in 3.5 inch sheet and roll but I have only ever seen it for sale in the UK.
    Maybe an Ilford dealer where you live could order some for you.
  3. Ilford's ULF special order is open now, you could buy a roll of 5" wide film and slit it down, but you'll faint at the price. Plus you still have the backing paper problem.
  4. B&H Photo shows rolls of Ilford Multigrade IV RC for special order (2-4 weeks delivery time).
    They show it available in a size of 3.5 inch by 500 ft. for $165
    At about ISO 6 it would be a bit slow and the paper would not be able to be rolled as tight as film but it would probably be as viable a solution as coating some other substrate.
    You would still have to black out any red window and adjust framing by counting the turns of the winding key.
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    Well, why not get a 101 spool with some 3.5" (88.9mm) backing paper and re-roll and center some 70mm film stock?

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