No.2 Bull's-Eye Camera

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  1. Heres some interesting details about this camera: Basic wood box camera with leather covering. Film loads from the top of camera and uses either #101 rollfilm or double plateholders. Simple rotary-disc shutter. Collector;s value: $50-$75 This camera was originally made by the Boston Camera Manufacturing Co. and was introduced in 1892 Kodak purchased the company in 1895 and continued the line of cameras under the Kodak name. This camera is historically important because itis the first camera to to use the numbered paper-backed rollfilm and red window so you could see which film frame you were using. Interesting note: The leather covering hides a beautiful polished wood exterior. --- Ken Riley Photographics, Pittsburgh, PA. USA An Information Web Site About Collecting Vintage Cameras -- Serving The Web Community Since 1997
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