No.2 Brownie with detachable winding key.

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by jos_erdkamp, Aug 19, 1998.

  1. Hello
    In Brian Coe's book about Kodak cameras there is a description and picture (drawing?) of the original No.2 Brownie, which had a winding mechanism that could be taken out, like with the No.1 Brownie.
    Some collectors doubt if such a model ever existed. I have never seen one? Does anyone have such a model or has anyone ever seen one?


    Jos Erdkamp
  2. I don't know for sure, but I may have one. It is a kodak #2 Brownie
    Camera. Black Box type camera which belong to my grandmother.
    It has the winding key on the left side of the box with a switch.
    If you could send me a picture of it ? Can you tell me what type of
    film they take, can they be bought anywhere and developed?
  3. i have a No 2. box camera that takes No 116 film that i just
    purchased for $14 the year it was made was 1916. Is this the one you
    are talking about?

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