Nisi V6 vs Haida M10

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  1. I am thinking about purchasing one of these two systems. I am just worried about the polarizing filter that comes with each. So if anyone out there uses either of these systems can you tell me how you feel about the polarizing filter. I have heard that the Nisi uses plastic instead of glass on the polarizing filter. That I can not do. Being that both products are made and designed in China I am guessing that the Haida would be about the same as the Nisi. So please let me know how you feel about the polarizing filter,

  2. A "glass" one would sandwich plastic between two layers of glass.
    Why care, why stress?
    I didn't have the light to shoot one almost all the time on film; i. e. left it backpacked till I encountered demanding subject plus time to dig the filter out. I also lean towards less polarizer friendly camera concepts, like TLRs & RFs.
    If you believe in needing the best; bleed for it; B&W Kaesemann filters seem available. I'd feel sufficiently confident owning 3 plastic ones; a scratched, cleaning marked, to look and see that polarizer won't bail me out (<- 80%? - YMMV), plus a pristine one, to take the few shots where polarizer works (and a backup).
    Filter systems may work or not. Its a question of operator's taste &/ camera choice. I think they go along with tripods compendium shades and patience.
  3. Derek, Sorry for the late reply. Take a look at Nasim Mansurov’s late 20/16 PhotographyLife review of the NiSi filter system.
    I am a long time user of Hitech and Singh-Ray resin filters. The NiSi system is optically sharper than Hitech and as well the NiSi grad is made of glass.
    Good hunting.

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