Nikon's comeback!

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  1. I went to an air show today and Nikon SLR's seemed to be the predominate camera there. This is quite a turn-around from even a few years ago when all you saw were Canons. I don't know what the latest sales figures are but it looked like a four or five to one advantage for Nikon. Of course the newspaper guy was still using a high-end Canon.
  2. I don't see how it matters. Well, unless you're concerned that one manufacturer or the other is going to get so far behind that you end up with an orphaned lens collection. Or feel some special alliegance to one company, and your mood rises and falls on their fortunes (I'm starting to ramble, LOL).

    I doubt either company is going to go belly-up soon, so: I don't see how it matters ;)
  3. I guess it's no more or less trivial than what model Nikon the president of the Ukraine is using - slow news day.
  4. Well, at our son's recent wedding, the photographer and assistant were all Nikon, fwiw. Maybe the choice of more pros?

    That's one serious looking engine, btw.
  5. I for one hope that Nikon and Canon continue to fight over the same segment of the market. More competition = more

    I think Canon and Nikon (and Olympus for that matter) all make AWESOME cameras...
  6. I absolutely agree that we need strong competition not only for advancement but to get prices down. So yes it did matter that Nikon was seriously lagging behind. Nikon still does lag in resolution but has made strides to compensate with higher frame rates and superior high ISO performance. Simply having full frame Nikon DSLRs has helped tremendously. Things will only get better in the next few years as all the manufacturers end up on the same playing field as far as sensor technology goes.
  7. Want to hear something strange. A fellow who used to be in the camera club I returned to has sort of gone pro and is shooting weddings
    full time. He is Canon through an through and always buys the best. He had two Canon 1D Mark III's and I'm sure only the best in lenses
    he needed. Turns out he attended some wedding photographers convention and most of the pros were using or converting over to the D3.
    So now he's doing the same. Selling all his gear and starting up a Nikon kit. Personally I think he's mad as I'm sure the D3 won't do
    anything magical or that much better than what he's already got, but then I've never used a D3 so I wouldn't know. I'm just so surprised that
    he's doing this because like I said earlier, he was a Canon man and looked down on Nikon.
  8. I am glad Nikon came back. I was fairly disappointed when I was stuck buying Canon gear last year.
  9. If it means that Nikon will finally make some new wide primes and new AF-S teles (sub-200 mm), then it's good, otherwise I don't care so much.
  10. Hey, I hang out a lot at Classic Cameras, and I've noticed that everyone there is switching over to 6x9 folders ;)

    If you follow the fad crowd, you'll be buying and selling a lot, I know that.
  11. @ JDM von Weinberg:

    I SO want one of those. :) the new Fuji/Voigtländer looks very sexy.
  12. I wasn't aware they had gone away. Good thing I saved mine
  13. Let's just hope their repair facilities are prepared to deal with the increased volume.
  14. Following the crowd is a sure way to make you lose $money --- lots of it, actually. Ask yourself what you really need for your application and get the best tools for that application and you will be happy.

    Margaret. as of now (Oct. 2008), I do not see a better tool in the market than the D3 with this price range that has the same capabilities for weddings.
  15. That's interesting at website they just ran a poll asking if you were starting all over again what brand would you buy?

    The results: Canon 83% Nikon 13%
  16. If you a worried about who is on top watch out for Sony, they will be snicking up on everyone in the next few years. The bottom line is they have the money to do so.
  17. The poll was done in April 2004. The way technology advances, new products introduced almost every month and market price changes, the cited poll is irrelevant... The bottom line is better technology, more choices and competitive prices-- good for consumers.
  18. "The poll was done in April 2004."

    Which was before even the D200 was announced, and as for the D300, D3 and D700, they were just a twinkle in Nikon's eye. To be honest back then Nikon was not a credible competitor.
  19. I've had two different people tell me this year that they're Canon people, but if they could start over they would use Nikon. Too
    much glass to do that now, they said.
  20. The poll referred to in the by Mr Michael Eckstein is at least 4 1/2 years old. Does it still hold water?A lot of water has flowed since then. Canon now seems to be upbeat with both quality and price taken together .IMHO
  21. I hope this means that Nikon will bring out an AF 800mm to compete with Canon's.
  22. The biggest boost to Nikon lately is the combination of the D300/700.3 and the 1DMkIII focus problems.
    Canons problems with this body don't happen to everyone but they happen enough to those who use the gear daily to make a living that Nikons timing on its newest gear and Canon dragging its feet could not have come at a worse time for Canon.
    Compare sideline shots at major sporting events this year to last year. Many more black lenses now. Unless Canon comes up with a new photojournalist body, apologizes for the MkIII and makes good to a lot of photographers using them they will only push more Nikon switches from Canon.
  23. At my surroundings, looks like "white" pros are buying Nikon for whatever the reason ("social" photography?) and "black" pros are buying MkIIIs strictly for sports. I`m a bit confused because I thought the D3 arrived to be a direct MkIII competitor... Perhaps in a few years, specialization will place each brand for very defined tasks.
  24. Sometime at the local wildlife reserve where I usually shoot you get a whole bunch of Nikon shooters and one or two Canons, and sometime you get a whole bunch of Canon shooters and one or two Nikons, and sometime you get half and half. My point is it depends on the day. I shoot bird and one thing I notice is that it is almost impossible to get Nikon superteles like the 200-400 f/4 VR, 500 f/4 VR, 600 f/4 VR... if you have 7.5 grands you can have your Canon EF 600 f/4L IS in a week.
  25. Funny, at all the airshows I've been to most of the cameras were point and shoot, Kodak brand! Few cell phones were even pulled out for some high def capture and transfer! v/r Raz
  26. nowadays it's really just down to preference. nikon's and canon's full frame cameras basically make images that have no discernable difference to most people.

    big reasons to change: autofocus system, build quality, menus and user interface/camera controls
    bad reasons to change: high iso performance (they're all the same by now), lens selection (both brands offer excellent lenses covering every realistic focal length), more "pros" use x brand vs y brand (duhh)
  27. dond't know way ,but for years Canon "film or digital" is 80% the choise of sport photographers ,all kind of sports - for everything else Nikon "film or digital" is the fav camera far ahead to the most pro photographers .- i am a Nikon user for life .
  28. So, who really cares if Nikon makes a comeback? I am vacationing in the Czech-Republic and I see just as many
    Canon's as there are Nikon's in Prague, Karlovy Vary and Kutna Hora. I walk into their Tesco department store and
    Sony, Olympus, Canon and Nikon DSLR's are their sellers. Mind you, their flagship store does display more Canon
    red band L glass than Nikkor gold band ED glass.
  29. Chuck Norris uses a Canon.
  30. I have all Nikon stuff (started in 1968) so am hesitant to ewitch, but if Nikon can't come out w/ an IS body - I'm gonna bail
  31. Maria Sharapova uses Canon !!
  32. Well, I went to a NFL game and had sideline passes at a Dallas Cowboys game last month and all I saw were Canon cameras and white "L" lenses used by the press people. I saw the same in July at the Tour De France. Big deal!
  33. Maria Sharapova!?!?! BOIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!
  34. I'm a Nikon guy and always have been. But when I went digital a couple of years ago I almost went 5D instead of Nikon. BUT I stayed
    with them and am glad I did for the D3/D700/D300. BUT, I am thinking of investing in some good Canon glass and just keeping both and
    buying the best body every couple of years as they keep leapfrogging each other. After you buy the glass, the bodies are relatively cheap.

    I think it would be pretty cool to have a D3/5D MK II wedding kit. That L-glass 85 1.2 and the Nikon 24-70 and Nikon flash.

  35. Nikon users use Mac or PC?
  36. "...1DMkIII focus problems. Canons problems with this body don't happen to everyone but they happen enough to those who use the gear daily to make a living that Nikons timing on its newest gear and Canon dragging its feet could not have come at a worse time for Canon."
    Al, your repeated claims of problems with certain camera equipment might have more credibility if you provided some specifics, for example, about your agency, organization or professional affiliation. Do you own this faulty equipment you've referred to? Use it as part of a pool? Rented? Borrowed? Heard about it from colleagues?
  37. Pascal - I would bet most Canon owners use Mac and most Nikon owners use PC.
  38. Nikon Users use Linux
  39. I use a Nikon camera/PC/HP computer/Samsung phone... what does it really matter?
  40. Hey,
    I use Canon and Leica (M8)...
    I make $$ with both...
    You have a problem with it?
  41. "Nikon Users use Linux"

    Isn't QuickTime included in the Nikon package?
  42. I am a Canon guy but I do thank Nikon. Why? All these years Canon have been ignoring consumer's need. If not Nikon I don't know when will the new EF-S 18-200mm IS ever come out.

    Thanks! Nikon
  43. Just out of interest, what is that engine and what plane is it on?
  44. Nikon & Canon both make great cameras. Who is ahead at any one time is basically a matter of point scoring. I don't understand pros who dump swathes of perfectly good equipment to jump on the next manuafacturers band-wagon. Just because the latest camera has super high ISO performance or a zillion megapixels, doesn't consign the excellent camera you already own to the bin! I take weddings - recently after showing a prospective client some samples of my work they commented on how vibrant and film-like the pictures were. The bride -to-be said 'you must have the latest cameras' (You notice its never how good a photographer you are!). I smilled sweetly. These shots were taken on the Olympus E-1. On paper its a jurassic 5 megapixel dinosaur of a camera (as used by David Bailey & Lord Lichfield). Fine, if you are a sports photgrapher wanting ISO 64000 and the fastest AF in the world I understand you might want to keep pace, but for the rest of us its just not that critical. The law of diminishing returns applies here.

    Oh, and watch Sony - they are probably the only company with the clout to take on Nikon & Canon, and with the new 24 MP 'full frame' Alpha 900 about to hit the shelves, plus their close association with Carl Zeiss, I predict in 3-5 years they will be one of the top 3 if not the top. All that excellent Minolta & Konica DNA shines through.

    Oh, and for those interested I shoot with Olympus E-1 & E-3 & Zuiko glass, Fuji S5 Pro & Nikon glass. Not feeling the need to upgrade either, as this kit suits me fine just at the moment. Takes a damn fine photo too!
  45. "Nikon Users use Linux"

    I've never heard anything so daft. You'll find they're all running Intel now, so they're all PCs. :)
  46. I use whatever I see famous photographers using, that way I know I will be able to take some good photos.
  47. LOL. These threads really amuse me. Let's keep it going.
  48. Mani - all I remember about the plane is that it was built in the 1950's, had folding wings, and was very loud - maybe a trainer. Speaking of noise, has anyone noticed how loud events have gotten lately? I even needed ear plugs at a tomato fest! Ear plugs have become essential camera bag equipment for me.
  49. Tim Holte: That's not as stupid as it sounds. If I have the same camera as some famous photographer, at least
    there is no way I can blame the camera for the bad pictures I take...

  50. As far as I know, Nikon never "left" so what is the meaning of a "Nikon comeback"? Canon lenses have always been as good as Nikon, everyone knows that. The early bodies had a vastly different mount, Nikon with the bayonet, and Canon with the breech mount. Canon had to abandon that in 1987 when the EOS line of AF bodies was introduced, just in time for the Olympics the following year. I still remember ads for the Canon A1 all over the place during the 1984 Olympics. The Canon A1 was one heck of a camera. The Nikon F4 came out in 1988 and pretty much blew everyone away. But Canon responded and the race was on. The Nikon F5 was a game changer. The Nikon D1 was a game changer.

    Nikon has always been in the forefront, except for fast AF, which Canon got an early lead. I've been shooting Nikon since 1983. I never thought to change brands. The Nikon FE2 did all I needed for 13 years, from 1987-2000. From there it was the N70, the F100, and then digital. Before the D80 and D200, there were questions in the air, and a friend of mine sold off all his Nikon gear (and Fuji S2 Pro) to get into Canon (a couple of 40D bodies). But I've never once thought about it.

    I loved my Canon Powershot Pro1. The image quality was stellar. But Canon looks very "digital" to me with its aggressive sharpening. I prefer Nikon.
  51. The plane appears to me to be a Hawker Sea Fury. Great name for a great plane.
  52. Incidentally it was a Sea Fury that had one of the few instances of a prop plane shooting down a jet fighter in the Korean of those 'film kills digital' moments. :)
  53. Nikon and Canon have walked in lock step for 50+ years. Their cameras are basically identical. Since the days before SLRs neither has ever varied far from the designs of the other.
  54. "I use whatever I see famous photographers using, that way I know I will be able to take some good photos."

    But only if you also use the same film or CF cards, the same shoes, and the same toothpaste.
  55. I always run into like.. camera guys that try to chat me up at events while I'm shooting. But I swear to god I
    hate choppin it up with people predisposed to Canon that try to push their system on me; they memorized the list
    of features and recite them to me. Why they think Canon is the best. Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?

    Sometimes I just wanna say: "You know what? If you're camera is so good, why aren't you shooting with it right
    now? Oh, you left it at home. I bet it's taking great photos at home!!"


    Harsh, I know! I need professional help, seriously...
  56. "Nikon's comeback!"
    Is this about photography or just a message for shareholders?
    You know, you can't make pictures while reading this threat, sorry thread. ;-)
    BTW I don't care about brands and I don't buy new equipment every year.
  57. You know, I used to shoot only Canon bodies and glass, but now I use my iphone.

    Sure, it's only a couple megapixels and noisy as hell, but every wedding I went to, everyone was using their phones to take pictures, so I figured I should really switch.

  58. Which brand provides better lighting, composition, and subject matter?
  59. Me like aircraft pictures too! No matter what camera is used!
  60. I am sorto of a newby but when I started researching cameras three years ago I didn't know much about the brands and what their fortes were. I had heard a lot about canon but not much about Nikon. So I began my search with canon cameras. I researched it throughly reading many threads, reviews, and talking with local proffesionals. That is when I looked more into Nikon. I compared the two brands and specs. After leaning towards Canon (because that was the brand that I knew) I decided on Nikon. I was very surprised that I could sway from one end to the other..but I did. And now I own a D200 and love it. I don't think I will ever switch to Nikon because I am very pleased with the camera I have.

    I also agree that competition is essential. Without it innovation would go down and prices would go up meaning less equipment for me :)
    I do hope that Sony becomes a contender...more competion!!
  61. Tim Holte
    "I use whatever I see famous photographers using, that way I know I will be able to take some good photos."

    Lindsay Lohan uses a D200...that's good enough for me!
  62. Hey, Thanatham Piriyakarnjanakul used Nikon!! :)
  63. Folks, please, you may not like the question or some of the answers, but one of the good thins about has always been fair and respectful answers. Sometimes it's better not to write an answer, and if you think the question is not worth it, well, just don't comment it.

    I have been on Photokina and had a lot of conversations there. The main point for many pros switching (back) to Nikon is not just High ISO, but handling. It all starts with the on/off-switch, as one of them put it. Nikon is intuition, Canon is a machine. It's not about better or worse, just about a tool you youse day and night. And right now the D3 seems to be the best compromise in handling, performance and price.

    Having invested in Nikon gear, seeing many people switch to Nikon feels good to me: with a larger market share, the probability of seeing more primes, more specialty optics gets better simply because there is more cash around.

    May Canon, Oly, Sony, Pentax... have a long and happy life, competition keeps prices down and features high.

  64. Besides the company competition viewpoint of Canon vs Nikon, does anyone truly care what other people are using? I don't understand how that affects you in any way, shape or form. Maybe commonly used lenses would be nice to pay attention to, but the body doesn't really seem like the key to success for people with more money and memorized technical specs than common sense or skill.
  65. What about lens selection? For example, I'm looking to get a pro-grade 70-200 lens, Canon has four (including the
    F4 L IS) but Nikon only has the F2.8 which is a lot bigger/heavier and more expensive. Another example, I want a
    fast, slightly wide prime -- Canon has the 35/F1.4 L but Nikon's 35/F1.4 is a manual focus.

    I think Nikon is lagging Canon in lens selection, and if you want a better/wider lens selection, Canon makes more
  66. And I wear blue underwear!!! This is a funny discussion.
    It's like Germans who drive a BMW or a Mercedes. What difference does it make, both of the brands try to compete as much as possible with each other to deliver the best quality people need right now. And I'm pretty sure they have things that we can't image yet but those things are still in there drawer.
    And when they earned enough with these series they will change some other things so we could be spending more money and a few year later even more. They are just tempting our needs and creating new needs so they can sell even more. Or is 21 megapixels the end...
    Maybe the will integrate shoot to speech applications ;) Just put the camera on a tripod and tell the camera your f-stop, white balance, ISO... and yell SHOOT.
  67. Another "just for fun" post gets out of control and takes off on all kinds of strange directions. It started out as just a "hey, look at all
    the Nikons at this event" casual observation. We need to be checked out by a mental health professional.

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