Nikons and radio flash (2018 edition)

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Andrew Garrard, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. "The recycle time of the SB-25 with standard alkalines is 7s, the SB-5000's is 2.6s."

    - Who the heck uses expensive alkaline cells these days?
    Using Nimh rechargeables, my SB-25s recycle in 4 seconds, or nearer to 2 seconds with an SD-8 attached. But in any case, taking recycle time into consideration is totally bogus when talking about flash energy. As are makers' published lies about Guide Numbers. Use a flashmeter and actually measure the aperture required at a given distance and head zoom. Or better yet take real exposures using the full 'power' of the flash under the same conditions. Then compare the results.

    The speedlights use the same value of capacitor at the same voltage; ergo the flash energy is the same. Unfortunately the price per Joule is vastly in favour of the SB-25.

    Some people take a more considered approach than 'spray and pray', and don't need to shoot @ 10 fps with flash for several second bursts.
  2. Andrew, have you had the time to try your Godox 2.4 GHz system yet?
  3. Not yet - it's on my planned list for the weekend! (I've been rushing a slide deck for yesterday, and I've been off today with a cold. But I want to try it in time to return it if it doesn't work, so it'll definitely get a workout.)

    I'll report back.
  4. Well, I tried them, and so I'm reporting back. :)

    I only did the most basic test - trigger on the camera, and I successfully tried each of my three slaves on the same SB-600. (In tidying my study over the weekend I've now found my third SB-600, which was worrying me.) I only tried TTL, although the menus on the trigger did allow alternatives. The UI seems a little backwards (the scroll wheel moves through things in the opposite order to what I'd expect), but basically it was reasonably easy to work out, looks like it'll be fast enough to use, and was no worse than remembering how to set my SB-600 back off optical slave mode! The pre-flash did seem to come a bit longer before the main flash than I'd expect, but that might have been a settings thing (now I think about it, I might have been set to rear curtain, which would do it). I tried changing the exposure compensation from the trigger, and that worked; I didn't actually remember to try doing the same from the camera.

    So: Very basic test, but so far, so good, and I feel reasonable about having not impulse bought the used SB-900 which was tempting me on Saturday. Given how little I actually use flash, the only real benefit would be a little more power and the strobe mode (which I used roughly once when I had a capable Canon flash). And reassuringly, my cheap Nissin flash also seems to work on the D850 if I need an emergency tiny flash gun (I'm aware that it's a real Nikon system only, having failed to trigger it with an optical slave bean in the past).
  5. Have you looked at Phottix? The Odin II supports TTL, not sure about iTTL. I use Mitros+ and LP180R speedlights for travel. Reliability has been excellent with both. Color consistency with the Mitros+ is excellent, LP180R slightly less consistent but better than some other brands.

    I shoot 90% manual (easier for me than figuring out what TTL is doing for me), some of which is trial, error, hope, pray. What I've shot w/ TTL has worked well, though I was only using 3 speedlights, and IIRC it did allow for setting ratios.
  6. Thanks - if the Godox triggers give me trouble (and it may be a while before I notice) I'll check Phottix out.

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