Nikon Z9, Teaser #3

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ShunCheung, Oct 20, 2021.

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    This one is about sports, track and field, motor sports, tennis ... with eye AF and high frame rate:
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  2. This one got my attention! Thanks for posting it, Shun.
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    This one is about sports/action photography. And immediately Ricci has posted his analysis of the video.

    Again, it is apparent that Ricci had access to the teaser well in advance to prepare an analysis that was posted just minutes after Nikon had released the teaser. Ricci also mentions that there will be a final Teaser #4, probably in another week. Therefore, the official announcement should be in about two weeks, i.e. early November.

  4. I guess as the sheer processing power built in goes up, the better and computationally easier tracking gets.

    As the algorithms have to look at lots, and lots of pixels, would i be right in thinking it would be even faster with fewer pixels?

    So the D3S v D3X approach.
  5. At least here on PN those teasers don't seem to induce a lot of excitement! I admit that they don't do much for me - I'd rather have Nikon make the announcement.

    If that's the mechanical shutter doing 20fps, that'll be great. If it is the electronic one - then it's low compared to the competition. And nothing is known about restrictions (if any) using that mode.

    Analyzing those teasers frame by frame is just a colossal waste of time.
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  6. Bet you were Mr. Cool on Christmas Eve as to what might, just might be under the tree...?
  7. Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.

    And yes, I certainly would like to know the specs of the Z9 - just not in form of these uninformative teasers.
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    The problem a bit unique to the Z9 is that Nikon first pre-announced it way back in March, which was 7 long months ago. There has already been a lot of discussion on it so that it is time to make the formal announcement. We don't need any more teasers. But there is only one more. I guess I can wait another couple of weeks.
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  10. PS. What's the little button next to the ISO button on the portrait grip? ie bottom left of the above pic.
  11. Most likely a programmable Function button (like on the D6).
  12. Makes sense. Interesting it seems to have no label.

    Did 'we' know about the AF Mode button? Or did I miss that chat?? :oops:
  13. It could also be a touchpad like in Canon's recent cameras where the joystick has a touch surface for lateral control. It could also be that the label is on the side where we can't see it from the front.

    In the D6, the Fn button for vertical shooting is also label-free. I use it for ISO.

    I guess that wasn't clearly visible in the earlier pictures.

    I am sure AF area mode can be changed using various different controls after programming.
  14. Funny, this kind of design was mentioned here in pnet (many?) years ago. Someone claimed for a new body design without the "almost useless" or, at least obsolete, left side of the body, not so logical without a film cartridge inside. It was commented that Nikon was not brave when it came to designing and placing controls.
    Glad to see they took note, late (-as usual-) but they did... ;)
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  15. Found a better picture....

    Just noticed Fn 1 is a convex button, Fn 2 is a concave button and Fn 3 has a ring/ridge surround.

  16. Distributing controls on both sides of the camera body makes sense when it is used with lenses that are generally light enough to hang temporarily from the body. But for people who want to hand-hold heavy teles, this is not such good design. I personally don't mind either arrangement as I believe in generally supporting heavy teles from tripod/monopod/car mount. But there are situations where hand-holding is easier even though not good for one's neck, back or knee. I don't change AF area mode frequently so I can work with the quirkiest of designs that they have put out. I generally choose an AF area mode for the situation in advance for both horizontal and vertical orientations and the cameras since D810 can be set to memorize both and switch automatically. Works great.
  17. Ilkka, I agree - on my D500, my left hand holds the 500PF, my right hand does the buttons and dials. The decision on the D500 to move the OK button out of the centre of the D-Pad to the left hand side still irritates me no end.
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    There are some images leaked from Nikon India, perhaps from the forth-coming Teaser #4. It looks like the 100-400mm S zoom will be an f4.5-5.6. No surprise there, since the F-mount 80-400mm AF-S VR is also f4.5-5.6. Expect that new lens will be close to US$3000.

    Back in 2013, I was quite impressed by the 80-400 AF-S: Nikon 80-400mm/f4.5-5.6 AF-S VR, Early Impressions

    At the time, my main bodies were the D800E and D7100, both have pretty dense pixels although the standards have gone further up since 8 years ago. Even today, I still use that lens fairly often, although now I prefer the 500mm PF for bird photography.
  19. More like disappointment - for the "superior" Z-mount, Nikon manages "only" 100-400 and not 80-400 like the F-mount version? Or better even, 100-500/4.5-5.6? Let's hope at least optically the Z-lens will beat the F-mount (which is unfortunately not such a high bar to clear).

    I don't use my 80-400 much anymore - the 200-500 is clearly better (at half the initial 80-400 cost).
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    The problem with the F mount 200-500/5.6 is slow AF and to some degree, it’s size. In 2019 I used the 80-400 extensively during a trip to Antarctica and that is my preferred lens for whale watching, as zooming to 100mm is important.

    I am afraid that a 100-500/5.6 is a non-starter, mainly due to its size. Canon makes an RF (FX mirrorless mount) 100-500 but it is f7.1 on the 500mm end. That lens is apparently very popular among Canon wildlife photographers and is constantly out of stock (partly due to Covid and the chip shortage). Somehow f7.1 doesn’t bother a lot of people.

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