"Nikon Z9 catches a bullet"

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Miha, Jan 18, 2022.

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    I thought someone shot a bullet into a Z9. :cool:
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  2. That was the Nikon F. The Z can't take a bullet.
  3. A buddy and I went to the pistol range on Sunday and I was wanting to try this but it was too busy. I figured this would be the outcome, 1/32,000th is pretty short.
  4. That is pretty cool, the "decisive moment" for sure. Glad I did not have to sort through all of the images, though. When I shot BBall with D3s, I slowed it down to 5 or 6 FPS to reduce the workload.

    I guess there is software that can analyze a group of photos and suggest the best image? Seem like my phone did that from time to time.

    And, for bullet protection, I think I would rather have a Z9 than the Sony A7(1) and 7RII cameras I had. Those broke without a bullet impact, LOL.
  5. I don't think i remembered .22 LR being supersonic?
  6. Pretty sure the .22 LR is, or they wouldn't sell special subsonic rounds. We have a camera at work that can hit 1M fps, admittedly at reduced resolution. It's also not too tough with an old GR strobe, as Harold Edgerton proved. harold edgerton - Google Search
    Doing it brute force by shutter speed is impressive, but seems the hard way 'round.
  7. Frank Capra was shooting with a Leica in Spain, but he didn't quite catch the bullet, per se;)

    AS for .22 Long Rifle, WIKI says
  8. Don McCullin managed to catch a bullet with his trusty Nikon F............ they don't build them like that anymore (or the cameras). :)

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